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[Product Review] Cordlife Sg - Calecim Professional Multi - Action Cream - 50%

I know this is not consider the worst case of eczema among babies. But as a mom, I just felt so helpless to see her crossing her arms (starting from as early as 4 months old till now) to scratch both her eczema affected arm folds in frustrations and not feeling painful at all while what was left behind was a blood stained sleeve and an angry, weepy wound.

We have brought her to see the skin specialist, steroid creams prescribed. The amazing thing about steroid creams, it healed the wound in a day or two. But that does not resolved the on going issue. The area will start to flare up angrily again few days later even after moisturising the area. Not only it does not help, by over applying is not advisable as well as in thins the skin. If you could tell, we belong to the category that we will not mind paying more as long as it can resolved the eczema issue.

3 tubs of steroid creams that costs at least $300 plus or more ? Lost count

It's all in a package, I have sensitive nose and eyes, Xav has sensitive airways and childhood eczema as well, not to mention, Vera got it bad for eczema this time round.

These few months have been difficult, time for doing house chores come to a standstill as I need to constantly "hawk" on her to make sure Vera does not scratch. To the moms out there, experiencing similar situations as me, you will know how tiring it can be.

The picture below was the consequence of not hawking on her when I left for the kitchen to wash up some bottles. In less than 5 mins, I went back into the room, I broke down in tears upon seeing the blood stained sleeve.

The pictures may be a little uncomfortable to view, even I get the shudders when I am adding them into this post.

Thick, angry flare skin on her left arm

Right arm
Many raised their concerns during the Mustela event when they saw Vera's arm being wrapped up in tubifast.

Tubifast does not require any pins or tapes to hold it, easy to use and allow freedom of movement. Just simply cut out the required amount to use and can be easily washed to wear it again.

It's like a bandage worn it over the affected area after I moisturised her arms. I can wet it and wring out the excess water and wear it on the arm. Put on a cardigan over it and you be amazed, it does not wet the sleeves. You can get Tubifast from Skin Centre or from pharmacy. This helps to keep the moisture on her skin and minimize the impact from her hard scratches. But do note not to wear it if one has open, weepy wounds as it will stick to the wound.

Thankful to Carolynn and Shane from Cordlife for recommending Calecim.  I see amazing results after applying for 5-7 days !

In collaboration with Cordlife, CellResearchCorp is a bio- science company, pioneer and market leader in Cord Lining Stem Cell technology for regenerative medicine and therapy. CellResearch Corporation hold the patent for obtaining and culturing Stem Cells from Umbilical Cord Lining Membrane as well as derived therapeutic application.

Calecim Professional Multi Action Cream - 50%
Now, Vera has restored back her baby smooth skin. I would not say it is a complete cure, it does turns dry and occasionally, she still scratches but not as frequent as before. The skin is much calmer and Vera is less irritable from it.

Right arm fold after 5 days

Right arm
Bid goodbye to the rough patches and angry flares. The flare is so much under control without using any steroid cream. I applied Calecim on the affected area twice a day and applied moisturiser over. I see significant results after 5 days.

These are my most trusted mositurizers. My sister has recommended me Cerave and it works amazing for that stubborn eczema patch on her left cheek sometime back. Not even Fucicort can resolved it but just one application of Cerave, the patch subsided.

What Calecim can do :
- Decrease epidermal pigmentation
- Restoration of skin fullness & elasticity
- Accelerated skin recovery and reduced of fine lines

Food that I have avoided to prevent further escalation of the angry flare includes :
- Peanuts
- Mango
- Chilli
- Mushrooms (Hard to digest)
- Seafood in moderation
- Dairies (Milk , Cheese Etc)
- Sugar ( As am still breastfeeding Vera, I notice if my diet includes stuff like cupcakes and creams or overly excessive bubble tea with pearls, in the next day or two, her skin will show)

I will talk more about other measures that I have taken to bring Vera's eczema under control in my upcoming posts.

Coming back to Calecim, this cream is not available off the shelves. Each unit of 50g costs $210. Yes I know this is on the high side but am sure it beats going to the skin doctor and pay few hundreds for their steroid creams which do not work and Calecim is STEROID FREE.

For interested buyers, you can contact :
Ms Shane Chua
Mobile : 8218 2410
Office : 6238 0808 (Ext 1128)

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Disclaimer: I was given a unit of Calecim for review purposes. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Really big difference in the before and after results. Thanks for sharing this review. Very helpful!

xavvy said...

Hi, hope it helps you to narrow down your choice of good creams to get. !

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know where you got the Cerave cream? Thanks in advance :)

Unknown said...

I am using Calecim ony eczema too. It's the only thing that works. I highly recommend it. Nothing dermatologists prescribed work, I purchased this from my cosmetic surgeon who uses this for healing where the stitches are. Amazing product.

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