Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I could have just walked away but am glad I did not ......

{Backlog}This incident happened last Tuesday.

Have you ever come across massive traffic jam on the expressway, with signboard displaying "accident on lane XX, slow traffic" but having to finally drive past the scene where the collision took place and the road was so CLEAR after that scene.

Are you one of those drivers who will just drive straight away so as not to hold up the traffic OR
are you the type who will slow down, hoping to catch a glimpse of what happened, snap a picture, send it to STOMP and share it on your social media ?

Anyway, the incident I came across was not a RTA. I was rushing to the foodcourt to pack some food. I was walking hastily along the pavement when I spotted someone lying on the ground from about 30-40 steps away, just along side the grass patch where there was a "mini slope" from the Kou Fu Foodcourt to the ground level, under the scorching hot sun. Apparently, there were a few people walking down from the staircase where they could easily spot that person or rather those walking on the ground level could easily spot that person too. But nobody went over, they just walked on.

Somehow I got an instinct (probably still having the man  woman-in-blue instinct) that the person lying there was not a drunkard. I went over, it with the person back-facing me, the shirt was printed with a cleaning company's name. I turned the unconscious victim ( do not know if she was injured) lying on the ground, to my surprise, it was an auntie in her 60s,  it immediately struck my mind that she could be the dish collector for Kou Fu Food Court). I tried to wake her up by pressing onto the area below her ear lobe. (You can try it on yourself, I have used this to try waking up drunkards during my policing days). But she did not response to me.

Immediately, I called 995 (not knowing if her life is at risk or not) to ask for assistance. But in times of non emergency, you can call 1777  for a Non Emergency Ambulance
Check out SCDF Website for other information that you would like to know.

It was only when people saw me trying to wake her up, started to come forward. The patrons from beyond that mini slope, too started to notice something actually happened and came forward to watch the "show".

It just came to my mind, the aunty could have slipped and rolled down the slope while sweeping the area on top as I saw the broom and the dustpan left standing at the edge of the slope. But why would nobody sitting at the smoking area saw her rolling down ? Simply BO CHAP or they really did not notice the lady.

The supervisor of this lady then came with some other staff and tried waking the lady. I had kindly went over to her and inform her to prepare the auntie's Identity Card as the Paramedic would need it when he/she arrived at scene. The reply I got from her was "NO,  NO, don't call the ambulance, no money to pay" ! I "told her off" nicely that if she is going to be responsible should the lady passed on without medical assistance rendered.

Fortunately, the auntie regained conscious after they rubbed some ointment on her. She insisted not to be conveyed as it was expensive to pay for that ride to the hospital and it was not her first time losing her conscious anyway. I firmly reassured her that she need not be conveyed if the paramedic has checked on her thereafter and ensured that she is in good condition not to be conveyed.

Under such circumstances,
1. If you spotted someone lying unconscious and is feeling frightful to go near. Ask for help from the passer-bys and call for assistance.

2. If you are brave enough, go up to the unconscious and check if the victim is still breathing. The operator would need you to provide with the status of the victim. (Breathing or not breathing, any response etc)

* Do note that it is provided that your kids are not with you else do not go forward. The kids' safety always come first on top of anything !

3. Should you suspect of any foul play, call the Police at 999 and do not be detective yourself.

I made my way back whilst the others were with her waiting for the paramedic. I just felt great that I could have save her life in this instance and I do hope that people around us can be more observant to what is going on around them. Do not shun away for fear of any trouble or follow up that would need your assistance. After all, I'm sure we do hope that people help to look for each other ? That's definitely for me, not sure if you do hold the same view as me.

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Unknown said...

Hi Mummy! Good on you! I didn't know you were an ex policewoman!

The earlobe trick is a useful thing to know! I will do that to my husband when he pretends to sleep to skip out of night feeds!

If I had been in this situation, I would not have gone up to that person because I am almost always with my kids and as a mother, my first instinct is always to protect them. I will instead find a security guard or call the police and remain nearby until they arrive.

(I feel like I just answered a P6 comprehension question)

PS I wonder if you mean "don't be detective yourself"?

xavvy said...

Hihi Adora ! Now you know ;)

Opps don't let your hubby knows where you learnt it from !

Of course when the kids are with you, do not attempt to go forward. If I were you, I would have made the same decision. The kids' safety are always in the top priority !

I should have added in " Single parent who are alone with the child should never handle such situation alone.

Thnks for pointing out and yes !! Typo lol missed out a word and it makes a big diff !

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