Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hey Pal !! Pen Pal Whizz vs Leapfrog + Gift Voucher Giveaway !

Hey Pal ! Pen Pal Whizz has become Xav's pal for his self learning while am busy with baby.

Let me introduce you to his new pal, Pen Pal Whizz :
- An educational tool, which can function as a reading pen, MP3 player and a voice recorder !
- It's inbuilt memory of 4 GBS can store up to 100 books at any one time.
- It's a reading pen that can read Chinese too ! (Yay, if you are a parent who has difficulty reading Chinese characters well like me)

If you have seen my Facebook post on what Xav is allowed to stick on anywhere or anything in the house without getting scolding by daddy and mummy, it has got to be the pack of Recording Sticker ! Read on and see how we utilise the recording stickers !

Depending on what you want to teach, I allow Xav to stick the recording stickers on objects around the house.

Pen Pal Whizz Recording Stickers

We sticked it at the table, on the chair, the list goes on ......

With a touch of the buttons on the recording stickers, you can start recording  !

After recording, pressed "OK" and "Play" to listen to your recordings. Xav loves it and he was getting excited to hear his own voice ! I got him to record the name of the objects in both English and Mandarin, followed by the noun classifiers; measured word.

He even got it sticked onto the main door. Just three simple steps !

If you have read from other mom bloggers (Sakuraharuka, Mamashoppe, Ahappymum)  who did the review on the functions of Pen Pal Whizz, this time I shall help you to be more decisive with the comparison between Pen Pal Whizz and Leapfrog Tag Reader. I bought both reading pens.

                                                           Pen Pal Whizz                                           Leap Frog
1. Rechargeable:                                         Yes                                                            No
2. Shock resistance:                                  Yes                                                              No  
3. MP3 function:                                        Yes                                                              No
4. Books based on:     Local content (MOE Stellar Programme)       U.S content & context
5. Books support:       Collaborate with local publishers              Slow launch of new books
6. In built memory                                    4GBs                                                      No, or 32 MB
7. Recording function                                Yes                                                               No
8. Reading Speed Control                         Yes                                                              No
9. Online support for books      Able to download new audio files                        No
10. Books for suitable age group         2 - 12 years                                              Up to age of 7
11. Printed pixelated pages     Tiny dotted, almost invisible                                Bigger dots
* Note that much bigger dots could be harmful to the eyesight)
12. Languages supported           English and Mandarin                                  English only
13. Reading style:  Opt to read by sentences/ para /word by word     Word by word only
After going through the above points, I hope it is of help to you on your decision making on which reading pen to purchase.

So what is in the Bundle pack ?
The bundle pack includes 1 Pen Pal Whizz, charger accessories, a calculator card, a volume control card and the following 18 books specially customized for age 2 - 7. With essential syllabus for Chinese, English, Han Yu Pin Yin, Phonetic, as well as Song book, Picture Dictionary, Tang Poetry and Classical Stories.

Photo Source from JLB, Pen Pal Whizz Bundle

1. Magical English 1
2. Magical English 2
3. Magical Pin Yin 1
4. Magical Pin Yin 2
5. International Phonetic Alphabet 1
6. International Phonetic Alphabet 2
7. My ABC 1
8. My ABC 2
9. My ABC 3
10. Pre-school 600 Words 1
11. Pre-school 600 Words 2
12. Pre-school 600 Words 3
13. Tang Poetry & Idioms
14. Hansel & Gretel
15. Little Red Riding Hood
16. Pinocchio
17. Classic Children Songs
18. My First English Picture Dictionary
The bundle pack is retailed at $288 and is now having a Promotion price at $188 until the end of the year !!

A Giveaway to kick start a new week ! 
Christmas is near and this is the best time to get gifts for the kids ! JLB is giving away one $80 gift voucher for one lucky Xavvylicious readers. No minimum purchase is required and it's applicable to use for the purchase of Pen Pal Whizz bundle set which is currently on promotion. If you already have the reading pen, you can purchase other story books which are Pen Pal Whizz compatible.

All you need to do is to complete the Rafflecopter entry :
1. Like JLB Educational Technology on Facebook.
2. Like Xavvy-licious Facebook Fans Page
3. Share this Giveaway on your facebook page.
4. Leave a comment with your email in the comment box of the blog post for easy notification should you are the lucky one  !

Giveway is from 11th - 18th November 2013.

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janice said...

love this! Been wanting to get just the pen coz a fren passed us some books but of a higher lvl. Now seeing what more it could do, I really hope we can get one! ! It will certainly free up some time for me!

LM said...

This pen looks good and seems more suitable for local kids!

Unknown said...

Great Post!!

Pens for gift

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