Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Quickfix - Wagyu Beef Steak

This is one of the "ration" I stocked up in my freezer. When you no longer have any help to help to cook or do marketing, yet you need to have nutritional quick fix meals, especially for me when I am now breastfeeding Vera. This Wagyu beef steak comes in handy ! It's filling enough and you can easily get it done within 4 mins. This reminded me of the wagyu beef I took in Hokkaido !

Grade 5 Wagyu Beef Steak
What I did was, I defrosted the steak in the noon to cook it in the evening. I marinated with some grinded black peppercorn and salt, pan fried for a short 4 mins if you do not want it to be too well done. It tasted soft and juicy ! Yumms !

Go to the bigger NTUC counters, you will be able to get the steaks there.

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