Thursday, December 6, 2012

SCHOOL "OUT" - I'm a rock climber !

Rock climbing is one of the excellent sports to develop a child's mind and body. This SCHOOL "OUT" period, we have checked out THE ROCK SCHOOL for a session !

Other benefits include :

- Development of eye/hand coordination, muscle strength and flexibility.

- Teaches them how it feels to be successful on their own.

- Gives a child a higher level of self-esteem, and confidence.

- Great family bonding time as it can also involved the entire family to participate together.

- Most importantly rock climbing is fun.

- It teaches them the importance of dedication, focus and preserverance.

- A physical activity keeps your child healthy.

Our session was "Hire - an - instructor", a one-on-one session with full climbing guidance and instruction as he went higher on each step.

When we first arrived, Xav was introduced to the fun climb in the interior of the school to start him off.

The interior is an air conditioned, fun and safe environment with the paddings and mats. Xav learnt the basic climbing techniques as well as get hands on on both top-rope climbing and bouldering!

After two rounds, this lil' man here is all ready to start his first official climb !

Briefing Session

Trying out his first step

Doing great !
Next he was taught what to do when he is tired and needed a rest. It's to hold both hands on the rope infront of him.

Resting position

Reaching SLOPE

I can spell S.L.O.P.E !
Next, he was taught to straighten his legs and push himself away from the way to make his way down.

Learning to come back to the ground

Good try !
Then, he started from the ground again and advanced up. Next aim is to reach to HILL.

Made his way up swiftly !

I can see and spell "HILL" !!

A break before conquering the MOUNTAIN
As he went higher, his esteem and excitement went up at the same time as he would shout down to me "Mummy, I can see the word MOUNTAIN ! I'm as high as the MRT tracks ! "

I could see his confidence from here ! No fear at all as he advanced up the wall.

All the way ! You go, Xav !

Reach the PEAK !

Hurray ! I made it !

The blue wall next !

 A test of his endurance and determination

No fear ! I'm enjoying it thoroughly  !
This was the part on the pink wall that he lost his grip ! Think he was pretty exhausted by then. Despite that, he didn't express that he wanted to give up. The instructor then told him that he will assist to "swing" him back to the wall and he shall continue from there.

The exhausted Xav

Almost there !
Though tiring but an awesome experience !
I'm surprised indeed by his high endurance and he he totally loved it to the max ! We'll be back for Double up and sweat it out with daddy !

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