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[Giveaway - Ended] Eu Yan Sang Health Food + Supplement for Adults

The preference of seeing a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Sinseh and administering Chinese medicine started after I gave birth to Xavier. I will only consult a western doctor if a fast diagnosis and immediate relief is needed to help stabilized a serious condition.

I was on TCM treatment for 6 months so as to build up my health better before I conceived Vera. I continued to nourish myself with the prescribed herbs through out the whole pregnancy and for the whole confinement.

In my personal opinion and also a fact, western drug works faster, relieves and suppresses the symptoms but not solving the root cause as compared to chinese herbs, which on the other hand, takes longer time to see the effect. However, chinese herbs can help balance up our body and improves our health over time if we need to tackle any root cause of a particular symptoms.

It has been a decade that herbal soup has been part of the family's menu.To decide on the choice of soup for the day, I will take into consideration of their health status and the weather. When it comes to buying herbs and medicine, apart from patronizing the usual medicine hall I usually go to whenever I need a sinseh consultation, Eu Yan Sang Singapore, being the largest and the most established Chinese Medicine brand in Asia, has served generations of consumers for over 139 years, is one of the brands I have always trusted.  

When I was younger, my mom would always warm up bottles of Chicken Essence when I needed to mug for exams, just to give me an extra boost.

When I stepped into workforce, I faced long shift hours, I would followed what my mom used to do for me. I would warm up bottles of Chicken Essence  periodically to help deal with fatigue and giving my body some nourishment.

When I was a new mother-to-be, I consumed bottles of chicken essence as prenatal nourishment for self and it has even be part of my family's menu.

Of so many brands out in the market, why choose Eu Yan Sang Traditional Essence of Chicken? The bottles contain 100% pure chicken goodness made from premium graded fresh chicken and since the kids will be taking it as well, I would prefer to choose products that is 100% natural, no added preservatives, no added food flavouring and salt, no cholestrol, no fats and most importantly, no caramel colouring.

Eu Yan Sang Traditional Essence of Chicken [传统口味鸡精], 6 x 70g bottles per box, $19.90

Why go for supplements that has no caramel colouring? To simplify it, caramel color is the most widely used and added to many soft drinks (think cola and beer) and some food to brown them, making them more appetizing (which explains why I do not give soft drinks to the kids especially Coke if I have the option).    

Caramel color can lead to the following health effects:
- High blood pressure
- Cancer
- Lowered immunity
- Allergies

For people with history of skin disorder and especially, Vera, who has a history of severe eczema and a long list of food allergies including certain sugar, preservatives and gluten, which are among the list. I have to be extra cautious of what is going to go into and on her body (Read on my eczema management)

Back to caramel coloring, certain ingredients such as milk, corn dextrose or wheat starch are used but these ingredients are not usually reflected on the product labelling. Hence, it is best to choose a product that is free from such ingredient. 

For the busy moms, this is the easiest recipe. Just buy drumsticks, remove the fats, rinse it and pour the bottles of chicken essence over it, enough to cover the drumsticks. I would prefer to use a slow cooker to cook this instead of using a pressure cooker. 

Don and the kids has always love this chicken soup, the easiest to cook yet nourishing and warming for the tired bodies. Otherwise, just soak a bottle in a bowl of hot water to warm it up. 

These recent years, it was interesting to learn that each organ has to rest and regenerate by themselves when we are fully at rest and certain organs are linked to the different emotions:
1. The Lungs - Sadness & Grief
2. The Spleen - Over thinking & worry
3. The Kidneys - Fear
4. The Heart - Joy
5. The Liver - Anger

Thus, sleeping before midnight is pretty much advisable.

Liver, our body's chemical plant, it is an extremely important organ of the body, if it is not being taken care of, it will be funtioning at a less than optimum level. I will list some of the problems which I read before but not all. Do see if you are experiencing some of this:
- Sugar cravings (I think mine is quite serious)
- Sluggish metabolism
- Frequent fatigue
- Poor memory (Due to insufficient sleep, even adult needs 8 hours of restful sleep.)
- Oily skin (I have this all along and trying to reduce it with skin products do not solve the root cause, believe it or not, it is all linked to the organs.)
- Over weight / in ability to lose weight
- Hormonal imbalance (Liver regulates hormones and hormones production, if the liver fails to not being able to digest the fats properly, hence not being able to build the building blocks which hormones are made of.)
- Skin disorders (Itching rashes, blemishes, acne, eczema, warts etc) . This is also why I used essential oils for liver support on the liver vitalflex point for Vera, even after she has recovered from her flare. (Read Eczema Management here)
- Weakened immune (Proteins are not metabolize (in the liver) to make white blood cells.
- Intolerance to smell / chemical
- Anger and irritability ( I can attest by my daily short fused )
- Presbyopia aka Lao Hua (Told to me by an Optometrist, this usually kicks in after one turns 40 and is an inevitable aging process of the eye.) One of my friends started to get it in her mid thirties, hence, it be be even earlier than when we turn 40.

I took the opportunity to ask my TCM Sinseh, who have told me to work on strengthening of liver as a form of measure to counter Presbyopia. I do not have any as of now and hope to start on something to work on my liver, apart from using the esssential oils for liver care.

In all, a well-functioning liver plays a huge part in our overall health. Otherwise, we will foresee a wide range of physical and mental problems kicking in. This is also why I enforce a strict routine for the kids bedtime, lights out is usually between 9 - 9.30pm. Sorry Xav and Vera, your mummy is not a chill mum here who allows late nights.

If you are starting to look around for liver and immune support supplements, these two are my selection from Eu Yang Sang.

Eu Yan Sang Liva Max 

It contains 100% Antrodia Cinnamomea (AC) Mycellum, a highly valued herb found only in Taiwan. EYS Liva Max supports liver health, promotes vitality, restores energy and enhance overall immune health.

AC is a highly valued herb found only in Taiwan and is a trusted remedy for promoting liver health and alleviating liver conditions. It is 100% natural, no added preservatives and vegetarian friendly. 

This is best suitable for night owls if you are like myself who always keep late nights, seniors, smokers, alcoholic drinkers, office executives and vegetarians.

However, pregnant and lactating mums, young children are NOT suitable to consume and also if you are suffering from fever, influenza and during your menses.

60 x 500mg capsules / box , $139 per bottle 

Most of us would have heard about the benefits of Lingzhi, I always know it as the king of herbs and in the ancient times, this herb was known to energize the Chi or lifeforce and was known as the 'Elixir to Immortality" if one takes it on a frequent basis.

Eu Yan Sang Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder Capsules

I read that cracked spores powder is even better than the mushroom itself in terms of its therapeutic properties and effectiveness. The cracked spores powder is obtained from the matured Lingzhi but the procuring is a challenge as the cracked spores is only produced for 10 days in the entire year. The cracked spores powder is absorbed by the body more easily than the uncracked spores powder.

Before Eu Yan Sang sent this over, Don was recommended this product by his colleagues and has been consuming this on a regular basis to help with fatigue due to long, hectic working hours. As they advanced to the mid 40s, metabolism started to slow down as well. Not to mention him, I felt the same of myself too as I have been gradually changing my clothes to a size bigger.

EYS Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder can also help to enhance our immunity, metabolism, general well being, promote better digestion and blood circulation.

60 x 200mg capsules per box, $119

It also comes in :
- Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder Capsules 240 x 200mg capsules, $389
- Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder Capsules Plus 60 x 300mg capsules, $139
- Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder Capsules Plus 120 x 300mg capsules, $248

You can get this at a pretty good deal when they have it during their promotion. But then again, if this is essential for you, why wait until there is a sale. I like to stock up products from EYS during my birthday month too, utilizing the birthday discount with a 20% off. 

Thank you for your patience in reading through the lengthy post. Here's something really exciting as Eu Yan Sang Singapore has generously sponsored a bundle of the above (worth $227.90) for a GIVEAWAY !

Simply follow the follow the following steps:

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3. Under the facebook comment, name me one similar benefit that EYS Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder and EYS Liver Max can help our health. and tag 3 friends together with your comments.

Terms and Condition:
1. Contest runs from 1 - 8 October 2018, 2359 hours.
2. Contest is only for residents residing in Singapore only.
3. Winner will be notify by email or DM, failing to reply within 24 hours, a new winner will be choosen.
4. Eu Yan Sang Singapore will contact you directly on the collection of prize.

Note that the giveaway is not associated with Facebook in any way. 

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