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[Review] Eyebrow Microblading by MissyBrow

For all who knows me, will know that I am a very outdoor person, always running out and about. With regards to makeup, you can foget about teaching me because I will stare at you blankly, looking lost and on top of that I do not like to have any makeup over my face as I felt like as if my skin could not breathe. To be frank, I do not have the interest nor the luxury of time to colour my face daily or you may say that it is pure laziness.

Unless I need to attend dinner, I may just use the eyebrow powder to darken the brows and put on a basic, simple make-up. I am just thankful that Don just like the way I am, my naturally tanned, bare face. In fact, the family is just not used to see me having make up on.

You will probably see the lazy me walking around with a bare face and naked brows.

Before Microblading treatment

Actually, I do know that our eyebrows frame our eyes and having a pair of well groomed brows can instantly make us look better? This is the reason why getting my brows done was on my mind a few years ago but I never had the courage to go ahead with it because before I knew about Eyebrow Microblading, I only knew about eyebrow embroidery and it certainly did not leave me feeling positive about how I am going to look if I were to have it done.

What hinders me from getting it done was;
- what background does the consultant have ? Will it be the director or senior therpist doing it for me ? Will they be experiennce enough and can I trust them to do a nice job ?  Especially when it is going to be part of my face, I am extremely cautious on the experience of the therapist.

- Fear of looking "auntish" with the dark and thin eyebrows. Pardon me, I do not mean offence to anyone who have done eyebrow embroidery before. I am just having this extra worry on my mind. I would expect the consultant to be able to "communicate" with me ? And these concerns held me back for years!

Right until, Elaine from MissyBrow approached me. With 15 years of experience under her belt in the beauty industry, Cidesco certified and had worked under the prestigious, luxury brand - Chanel and Jill Lowe. She is also equipped with the skills of the latest Korean Eyebrow Microblading techniques.

It took me a while before I decide to reply her email and of course I need to have an affirmation that she knows her work. I actually asked her a string of questions on watsapp based on what a newbie would ask about Eyebrow Microblading.

Me: Is Eyebrow Microblading the same as Eyebrow Embroidery ?
Elaine: Usually embroidery uses machine and when it is done, the whole brow will be filled with one colour. On the other hand, microblading is done manually by hand and the finished effect is very natural just like as if eyebrow powder is put on with gradient.

Me: Will the process of microblading be painful ? (Simply because blading sounds like some sharp knife-alike tools.)
Elaine: During the process, numbing cream will be applied. Hence, the process will not be painful. Probably at the end of the session, there might be a little discomfort but at a really comfortable and managable level.

Me: Is microblding suitable for people with sensitive skin? For instance, the colour pigment that will be used on our skin.
Elaine: There are different levels off skin sensitivity. If you are having concerns about it, I can always do a patch test before I begin.

Me: When should the first touch-up be done?
Elaine: First touchup should be done after one month and before 3 months. The effect can last between 1-3 years depending on your skin type and how you take care of your brows.

Me: Let's say I decided not to return to do any touch up, will the eyebrows look "bald" ?
Elaine: Doing microblading does not affect the growth of your eyebrow hair. If touch up is not done, the colour will just slowly fade off.

Me: Are you able to advise on which skin type will it be more lasting?
Elaine: The effect on oily skin will not last as long as compared to normal skin. It also depends on how you take care of your brows, for people who loves to apply whitening products, it does affect in the long run.

Me: Can normal skincare routine be continued or do we have to avoid the brows for a few days?
Elaine: You can still clean your face but try to avoid the brows or avoid apply anything onto the brow for 10 days.

Me: Will I look auntish ? (LOL)
Elaine: After the treatment, the eyebrows will not be super dark or auntish looking. You get what you see after it heals. It will just look like drawn brows.

Me: I noticed there are some brownish "stains" on the brows in the picture you sent. Will microblading leaves the same as what I see in the picture?
Elaine: Those reddish brows you saw in the pictures are colour remained on the brows from the previous session and taken up-closed. If it's from far, it's hardly noticeable. Then again, the pigments used nowadays do not turn reddish nor greenish.

On a side note, after the treatment, some people will still prefer to draw on the brows to enhance the make-up. Microblading makes the job easier as the shape is already there.

Me: If needles are in used, will all the needles be new, sanitized and disposed off after every client?
Elaine: Yes. All needles are new even for touch-up of the same customer, I will show my clients before I open up the needles.

Before the start of the treatment, Elaine communicated with me on my preferences. I told her I hardly put on make up and my hair colour will usually be in a brown shade. Hence, I would prefer the brow colour to be as close to as my hair colour and as I do not follow trends, so brow trend is out for me. I want something just to suit the shape of my face and features.

She proceeded to clean up my brows and plucked out some stray hairs and started to trace the shape of the desired eyebrow on my brows. She was cautious and careful and did a little amendment to the tracing after I told her that I do not feel good with thick brows.

Look like Crayon Shing's "Thick" Brows ?

Patiently, she redrew the bottom line and told me that given the shape of my face, my brows should not be too thin else I may look older and worse, fierce especially when I do not smile.

Numbing cream was applied on the brows for 15mins after the confirmation on the shape of the brows.

The whole process was pretty smooth. I do not feel any pain nor discomfort at all.

Done ! No more bare brows and I think I do not look auntish right ?! I am loving how natural the brows looked. I left her place feeling great, without having the feel and need to put a plastic bag over my head and hide!

After the treatment - Day 1

I usually do not show photo with my hair all band up simply because I will look so bare ! Tah-dah! I think this is the first photo ever in my life I have taken and shared with my fringe banded up. And if you are wondering if I added eyebrow powder, nope. I did not but Elaine did told me on the second - third day, the brows would look slightly darker than on the first.

Day 4

There was not much pain but some mild sting on the first day but as the skin was healing, it was pretty itchy. Just bear in mind not to scratch. The scabs started to dry up and peeled.

scabs dropping off graadually

Now, I can go out with a nice pair of brows without having to spend time drawing. Thank you, Elaine for your professionalism! Elaine is a work-from-home-mum and she has a corner set up for clients who come for her treatment in her humble abode, in the west of Singapore.

One treatment for Eyebrow Microblading costs Sgd $380 and includes one touch-up ( to be done after one month, before 3 months). Elaine does have other facial treatment services too. #SupportWFHM

The treatment is strictly by appointment only and you can reach her at +65 97723333 /

                                                    Missybrow: Instagram | Facebook

Thank you for reading and if you would like to stay tune for future updates, do follow me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram !

Disclaimer: I was asked to write a review in return for this service, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own. *waggle, waggle eyebrows*


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