Friday, September 2, 2016

[Blogged] Spongebob Run 2016

It has been some time since Xav joined in running events. I used to sign him up for Cold Storage Kids Run but the 800m is usually insufficient for him. He would normally asked for more.

Just a month ago, I took on a challenge for both Xav and myself. We did our first ever 5km run together. To be honest, I felt the jitters as I had stopped running for years. I used to be a cross country runner during school days and had continued to run and trained up for the annual IPPT when I was wearing the blue uniform more than a decade ago.

Ever since I entered parenthood, my running days came to a complete stop. 4 years ago, I remembered trying to jump start my running engine again with just a slow jog around my estate. Guess what? I ended up feeling nausea and had a heavy pounding head! That was my last run ... ...

I was telling some mums who have signed up for Spongebob Run if I would be crawling my way to the ending point! But it was a real surprise !! The cloudy weather was nice without having to be running under the scorching hot sun.

There was a tentage for "Bag Deposit" for runners to deposit their bags at if they did not want to run with them on their backs, firstaid point as well as a tentage for general enquiries.

I felt that it was pretty organised. I met up with the other mom bloggers before we make our way to the starting point.

 It's always nice to run with like-minded mom bloggers who loved to run! Here we are and coincidently I just found out we were all August babies !

From the left: Me, Meiling, Jenn, Edlyn & Jennifer

The run was unfortunately "distrupted" by some runners who obstructed the path by stopped right in the middle of the crowd and sticked their eyes on their mobile phone playing Pokémon Go. Nevertheless, we carried on with our run,  encouraged each other along the way, ran at our pace,

Coping great after 2km !

took time to take photos as we passed by the beach and some life-size cutout boards we came across.

There was a water point for you to rehydrate yourself should you need to drink some water. Spotted some peacooks strutting across the beach as we stopped for a rest to grab a drink.

I have to say that it's not easy to run on the sandy beach. Many a times, I had to tell Xav that it's alright, we would just have to empty out the sand from our shoes after we reached the finishing point.

Xav and I did it ! We unlocked a new milestone and made it there, feeling ever so proud of ourselves and the satisfaction for completing the run without giving up. And I did not have any headache nor felt like throwing up. I guess HYDRATION is the key word and also a very important factor.

Before this run, I have been loading myself with more fluid recently for health benefits. I should have known that my body could have likely to be dehydrated from my last running episode which ended badly.

I am looking forward for more runs for myself and with the family of course and continue on with maintaining running as one of the activities to keep myself fitter and heathier.

As for Xav, I knew that he was tired but he had no complaints for the whole journey. I hope he keeps his perseverance and resilience going through out his life. Here's my proud finisher with his medal! I was teasing him that he gave his two front teeth to Spongbob. =P

Well done, kids !

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Disclaimer: We were invited to join in the SpongeBob Run 2016, no monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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