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Hideaways - Creating with Nature @ Playeum

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Playeum - Singapore's first Children's Centre for creativity, set up by an award-winning non-profit organisation, has opened its second hands-on exhibition titled "Hideaways - Creating With Nature", suitable for children (Age 1-12 ). This immersive experience invites children to explore, observe, construct, reflect, innovate and engage with nature and natural materials through hands-on exhibits and interactive artists’ installations.

Quite a distant away from where I am staying, hence I have to really find the right time and day to pay our visit. Tucked away within Gillman Barracks, Playeum is not as in accessible as it seems to be. It's probably about a 5-8 mins walk in from the main road (PSA Building is just right opposite). I took a cab there but walked out to take a public transport to Vivocity.

You would be expecting the following installation:
Creature Cave

Vera and the over aged baby, Xav made their first exploration at this station while I was registering at the counter.

In the "cave" laid a multi-sensory installation where young toddlers can explore a range of textures, lights and animal sound pads, using their sense of touch, sight and hear ! 

The Dark Space

Coincidently, Xav had a matching colour tee with the glowing insects! Kids can enjoy kinetic artwork and the sensors can activate sounds of nature via movement. There will be a change of exciting hands-on activities during the span of this ongoing exhibition.

Xav's sharing: This is a room that makes things glow in the dark! To play, you can stick the fabric strips from one place to another, to make a spider web. You can also put some insects onto the 'web' pretending that it's their habitat.

Coming out from The Dark Space, turn left and you will see this section:
On the left :  Knock, Knock! Who lives there ?
In the middle : Welcome to my World
On the right : Make- Believe Hideaway
On the far right : Sounds of Earth : Nature Ensemble

Knock, Knock! Who lives there?

I guess this would be what you see - a heavily condensed window after a heavy shower. But look, who did we spot at the Spider Hotel ?

An area where you could see insects and other creatures in their natural habitats and get up-close and personal with them on special surveillance screens. If you have a favourite insect, write and drop them a postcard!

There was also a Bug Hotel built specially for the creepy crawlies ! We were unable to have a clear view and I concluded that it's really not a good day to visit on a rainy day.

I love this station the most and if you have a budding entomologist wanna-be, bring them here! We got a close up view of the insects using the projector and magnifying glasses !

My Bug Investigator

Make a guess which insect does this part of the wing belongs to ? Draw it down on a piece of paper and clip board provided.

Hawk Moth

Rhinoceros Beetle

While Xav was busy getting close to view the insects, Vera was happily helping herself to fit the tiles into the empty spaces at the Sensory Bug Hotel.

Sensory Bug Hotel

Tiles filled with different textures made of natural materials for some sensory touch.

Welcome To My World

Children can be their own engineer and construct their own shelters. This area allows children to let their imagination run, as if they are an insect,, exploring through this giant installation as it grows through the exhibition duration. Sticks, strings and cable ties made available to help with the construction. Note that you cannot bring it home, it is supposed to be left at Playeum for the structure to "grow".

Natural and recycled materials were made available too. Flowers, recycled cardboard, strings

Why I love this play space was simply because the children were allowed to play freely ! Nobody will tell them "you cannot touch this or you cannot touch that". Playeum strongly encourage children to use explore with their senses.

Vera loved making sound from the wind chimes made of natural materials. You can sway them or use the sticks on the left and gently hit to create sound.


Make- Believe Hideaway

This is one of the Playeum's art and craft play areas! Imagine yourself as an insect and create your very own habitat !

Her facial expression showed that it was her first encounter with clay. Perhaps it is time to get her a table mat and work on it at home.

The collaborative effort by all the visitors. If you are done, stick your creation on a stand for display with the rest of the creation.

Sounds of Earth - Nature's Ensemble

Create your own musical instrument ! I was so amazed that the empty Buah Keluak Nuts actually produces castanets sound alike sound ! This big working space is for visitors to make their creations. I went a little too late as it was a rainy weekday. By the time, we were done with other stations, we had to call it a day.

Try shaking this cluster of Buah Keluak Nuts ! Pretty creative idea to make it into a musical instrument or a wind chime. To those of you who often cook or eat Peranakan dishes, don't throw these shells !
Buah Keluak Nuts

Visitors are more than welcome to utilize these materials . Just do not waste them by throwing around as these were all either self collected or donated by other organisations.

The diy musical instruments will be added to "The Sound of Tunnel" located just right outside Playeum.

Remember to apply some insect repellent if you or your kids have insect bites allergy. Xav received a few kisses from the mozzies out there. After all, it's in the nature, so be prepared.


Sea shells wind chime

If you would love to visit, "Hideaways - Creating With Nature" @ Playeum's Children's Centre for Creativity will be held from 16 April to 30 October 2016.  Do make a call prior to going down to make sure that the centre is not too crowded and can take in more visitors.

Location : Blk 47, Malan Road, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109444

Admission Price:

Child (Age 1-12) - $20 per child with one accompanying adult

Additional adult : $10 per pax

For schools and groups: $12 per student

Opening Time : Tuesday to Sunday, 10am - 6pm

For more information, do visit their website : www.playeum.com

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Hi thanks for this information, looks very fun!

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@BabyG : The pleasure is mine! Have fun if you are heading there ! Cheers !

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