Thursday, May 28, 2015

Explore New Horizons in Space from the revamped Omni-Theatre

For those who have keen interest in astronomy, this is something which you would not want to miss and boy, we are so lucky that Science Centre Singapore (SCS) have the largest seamless dome in South East Asia, specially designed seating configuration of 221 new seats, surround-sound effects and the brightest 8K digital theatre system to complement the existing IMAX 70mm film projection system. The newly revamped Omni-Theatre is set to offer you the most immersive learning experience and it will be officially open to the public on this coming 30th May 2015 !

We went for a preview on 25th May 2015, Xav was totally in love with it ! Anything to do with planets and solar system would stir up deep interest in him and yes, the preview really did made him a happy boy for the evening ! The effect was so real that he has totally immersed himself into the space setting and the best was no 3D glasses was required (something which I personally do not like as I felt discomfort each time I wear them).

We brought Vera along for her first visit to the Omni- Theatre and she was equally blown off by the effect of it that she sat through out the "Live" show combination of "Cosmic Surfing" and "Exploring the Planets" as well as the Digital Fulldome movie "Back to the Moon for Good"

Look forward to digital fulldome movies and "live" shows with topical, real-time presentation conducted by SCS science educators, which allow us to transcend physical boundaries and virtually travel to remote locations on earth and in space in a blink of an eye.

From Digital Fulldone movie : Back to the Moon for Good

The "Live" shows are powered by the 8K digital fulldome system and Digistar5 visualisation software with video playback and real-time computer graphics rendered accurately with high- resolution detail, along with real-time data from the likes of American Museum of Natural History and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. (NASA)

"This immersive 8K experience, augmented by the real-time live astronomy presentations conducted by our team of science educators, will enable the visitors to explore and learn about space like never before."  - Mr. Clarence Sirisena, Deputy Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore

 From Xav : We flew across the Himalayan mountains

and saw Singapore from the satellite.

We managed to see alot of satellites circling around the earth.

I felt like I am in the galaxy. We even got to get up close with the planets and explored out of the milky way. I love Saturn the most as it looks the most beautiful out of all the planets with its beautiful rings and I get to see it at many different angles !

I was seated beside Xav and observed that he was "participating" during the "Live" show. As questions were asked, he answered along and he has wowed me much with his knowledge on planets (From the eyes of the mummy). He surely knows much more than his mummy!

For Vera, I could tell that she was enjoying it too as this was a rare occasion that she sat through a show without being cranky. We will be back for Animalopolis just for our little animal lover.

For the list of timing for "Live" Shows, IMAX Movies and Digital Fulldome Movies, ticketing and pricing, check out

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Disclaimer : We received a media invitation for the preview of the newly revamped Omni-Theatre. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are of my own.

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