Sunday, December 28, 2014

Proud moment for Xav and myself

I just have to blog this down though there are loads of backlogs for me to catch up. But I fear I may forgot about this as my brain is really failing me these days. I want Xav to read it when he has the chance. Something which he made me proud of him and myself. To some people, this may be nothing but it means a big deal to me. =p

I'm sure all parents will have to agree parenting is not an easy job. Right from the beginning, even before the arrival of Vera, I have to admit that my expectation of Xav is pretty high. No, not in terms of academic BUT in terms of his behaviour especially when I bring him out. I have always expect him to be on his best front.

And did I tell you he is always an angel in school and is always ever so popular among his friends in school from the other levels as well ? Only dear and some close friends of mine knew the "dark" side of my stories of me complaining to them that am at wits end recently and I do not know how to teach him further. Despite all the constant reminders and repeated naggings that made me felt so old and at times and his choice of words used (not vulgarities) and behaviour at home just sent me turning straight into a raging monster. I felt so guilty about flaring up but I just can't help it !

I do not crave for any praises by my family nor strangers for how Xav was being brought up, his mannerism especially. But today, I felt really proud of Xav and myself. (No, I would not boast that my upbringing is really that good but I did my best). It happened today on our way back home, on the train.

I was carrying Vera with me in the carrier, pushing a pram with a diaper bag and a heavy swimming bag. Xav as per norm, was very thoughtful towards me. The old lady moved from the corner seat to the empty seat next to it so that I can have a seat. It was really, really kind of her and I felt so bad that she had to move from her seat. We were then pushing the seat to each other as I wanted him to sit down so that he can read his storybook while he wanted me to have the seat. But I insisted not wanting to sit as the pram may blocked some of the commuters which I did not want that to happen.

Ultimately, Xav managed to made me have that seat while he told me he would be by the side with the pram. I was really touched for that moment. My boy seemed to have really grown up. One commuter standing near the door, saw it and gave me a smile over what he had seen earlier.

Somehow, Xav got seated after a few stops as some seats were freed up. This 80 plus year old lady, actually shifted to her left (the 3rd seat) as it was vacant and wanted me to get Xav over to be seated with me. She was kind to "reserve" that seat by sitting in between two seats and gestured for Xav to come over.

Xav reacted with a wide eye look at the old lady and shook his head and followed by " no, no, no, Por por you sit ok ?" He was afraid that the old lady would be left without a seat if he was to come over to me. I have to tell him that it was alright because por por would be seated until she reached the next stop and there was a vacant seat, he could join us with no issues at all.

The six year old was happily seated beside me and the old lady gave praise to him for being a thoughtful boy and told me in mandarin "you have taught your child well!" For that moment, I don't know why, I felt that no matter how tired and helpless I have been recently going through this challenging journey of parenting my 6 year old, the old lady's praise surely gave me a boost and made me felt that my efforts in nurturing Xav have not been done in vain. Thank you.

I thank her back with a smile and gave Xav a pat on his back and told him "Well done!" I hope he would be ever so thoughtful towards everyone around him, treat everyone with kindness and sincerity. I hope to nurture him further in other aspects and make him a better person. On the other hand, I wish his kind and easy going nature will not be taken for granted by others. He has to learn how to protect himself. Well, this is my 6 year old, Xav.

It does really feel good to have something nice to put an end to 2014 in 3 days time. A new chapter begins for Xav in 2015 when official school starts. =)

Photo taken from our recent annual family shoot by Orange studios (#notasponsoredpost)

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