Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas card making - "O Christmas Tree "

You don't need to be talented in craft to make Christmas cards don't you ? I was making some for a friend's order and thought of just sharing one of the simplest you can do with just papers of Christmas theme, some washi tapes, some ribbons and glitter glue.

1. I cut the paper, making into a 6" by 6" card.
2. Using another Christmas theme papers, simply just cut out three triangles and stick them on top of each other as shown above.
3. Stick the bottom of the card with washi tapes, since it's Christmas, I decided to use the grey "Merry Christmas" washi tape. Probably am not making enough ! Been a few years and I have yet to finish using. =P
4. Tie and make into a mini butterfly knot and sticked onto the base of the "tree"
5. Use a sparkling gold glitter glue, mark an X on the top of the tree to make the christmas star.

There you are all ready to pen down your wishes to the receiver and send it out. =)

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