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MindChamps Reading & Writing @ City Square Mall (CSM) turns 5 !

Apart from swimming, Xav has no other enrichment classes except for MindChamps Reading & Writing Programme @ City Square Mall (CSM), which I started him on 3 years ago, when he was 38 months old and he has recently graduated from the whole programme !

My initial  intention to send him for MindChamps Reading & Writing Programme was, it's not that he could not read. At a tender age of 3.5 years old, he was an independent reader but he can't comprehend questions most of the time and he can't write that well either. Hence, I decided to send him for an assessment at MindChamps HQ @ Toa Payoh. Read more about it HERE.

No regrets starting him on with the programme. He had a good trainer, coupled with some reinforcement at home, I see improvements as he went along.

Photo credit : MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM @ Joey Level taken in 2012

From being taught on the knowledge of grammar and phonics, which I couldn't possibly teach him on my own because my language foundation is not strong to begin with.

Photo Credit: MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM, learning the silent "e"

From not being able to comprehend and answer to the point, not able to write, not able to organize his thoughts for presentation, not able to spell to having a confident little boy, who can present confidently in front of the group and doing it HIS way and using his phonics knowledge to try spelling out words.

Photo Credit: MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM ; Learning how to spell with phonics
There were a lot more which he has learnt in MindChamps Reading &Writing Programme, which I could not have taught and never cross my mind to teach. He has even learnt mind- mapping while they were working on a theme where everyone contributed and branched out the ideas.

Near to the end of each module, Xav sat for an assessment where he be assessed on reading and wirting with the set of readers from Mindchamps (Not for sale though), dictation etc.

Usually before the end of the module, the trainers will have a Parent-Teacher Meeting about every half yearly to update us on the areas and milestones he has improved and areas that has to be improved.

I have always believe that the programme may not just work on itself to see the results, being parents on the other hand, has to try to reinforce what the children have learnt in class. I do not usually reinforce every lesson due to time constraint but if I can and time permits, I will make some simple game for Xav to play with and revised through it.

The Developmental Domain  which the child would be assessed on are mainly:

1. Oral language Skills

In this aspect, Xav has achieved the milestones of being able to retell characters and events in a story accurately but still need some scaffolding at times.

Expressive Oral Language Skills , focusing more on the child's presentation skills which they had further broken down into 12 sub categories to be assessed on.

Photo Credit : MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM; Circle Share time

Xav has been assessed to be able to use dramatic dialogue in play or role play contexts, participated well in class discussions but during peer discussions, he tends to be more quiet. He has also been taught and able to achieve the skill of forming clear questions to gain information and one of my concerns met was, through critical analysis and discussion, he was able to exhibit higher order thinking. His comprehension level has improved greatly !

2. The Reading Process -  Early/ Fluent

Xay did pretty well for this segment where he met 19 out of the 20 milestones. He is able to use what is known about a word to solve unknown word while reading, able to notice details in pictures nad use information to understand the text, very strong knowledge for many regular words and high frequency words, recognising them quickly and easily. He is clear about all major punctuation marks and able to use them correctly to contribute to the meaning when reading.

He knows that stories are fiction, which is not real, and non-fiction as text that provides information. He was also taught and is able to notice how layout of illustrations or print effects the way he reads.

3. Word and Sound Knowledge

Xav has the ability to take apart compound words to solve them, segment words into phonemes, as well as consolidate  understanding of contractions and homophones.

I have done up a compound work kit to reinforce with him at home. (Refer to this post HERE) as well as a game of "Scoop of Contractions" (Refer to the post HERE)

Lessons were made fun and engaging  for the students.

Photo Credit: MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM, Learning preposition "Under"
Photo Credit: MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM

Photo Credit: MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM
Photo Credit: MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM,  My little hunter

I have previously shared a list of Literacy activities you can do with your child after attending the Parenting Workshop conducted by MindChamps HQ.

MindChamps Reading & Writing has 1 - 12 Reading Levels, an assessment is required to place the child at the appropriate level to begin with. Therefore, the programme is not based on age but reading level of each individual so that the child can learn and progress at their pace.

As MindChamps Reading @ CSM turns 5, check out their attractive 5th Anniversary Deal ! For all Xavvy-licious' Readers, just quote "Xavvylicious" to get the following perks !!

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For further inquiry, do give MindChamps Reading & Writing @ CSM a call @ 66349232 / 90886051 or email to :  enquiries.csm@mindchampsreading.com

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Baby Vera, no money compensation is involved. All opinions are of mine based on the 3 years journey Xav has gone through with MindChamps Reading CSM.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I will definitely consider this for my boy who is now 24 months. Btw, I recommend abacus class at cma from age 4, it really helps their mental process and preps them for math in p1.

xavvy said...


thanks for reading this post ! I would have to say reinforcement is really important to make them learn =)

I have been comtemplating to sign Xav up for CMA but was worried about the formulas or if they have to remember anything ?

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