Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sage Formula Beginning Book 1

Recently, I'm seriously mad busy with the pre-schooler and baby due to her eczema flare on her arms ! I have to watch her like a hawk until I hardly can get anything done and to teach Xav.

Finally, a little on this day and a little on the other, I typed and created a simple worksheet that allows me to revise what I have covered with Xav. We are almost done with the SAGE FORMULA Beginning Book 1.

The worksheet contains all the characters in Beginning Book 1. I added some brackets for Xav to fill in the number of strokes in a character. After this was done, I continued to get him to number the strokes of a character in the correct sequence.

At a later stage, once he learnt how to write Han Yu Pin Yin, I will get him to write below the characters.

Any more ideas that you can think of apart from putting the above. It's a really simple worksheet if you all don't mind. (Mai hiam ok ) You can print it HERE.

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