Saturday, November 2, 2013

Titans Of The Past - Dinos & Ice Age Mammals Exhibition @ Science Centre !

Titans Of The Past - An exhibition made up of two different components, "The Growth and Behaviour of Dinosaurs & Ice Age.

Be Wowed by the highlight of the exhibition, showcasing the real fossil of the largest T-Rex skull and two life-sized dinosaur casts - ArgentinosaurusGiganotosaurus.

Last Thursday was the media launch for Titans of the Past and Xav was really excited about attending it !

It marked the start of the event after the dance by two cute and brightly coloured dinosaur mascots and of course, this caught Xav's attention.

The first that greeted us was the skull of a former Torosaurus.

Skull of Totosaurus

Then we came to this collection of Triceratops Specimen. If you can tell me the difference from the collection below from it's growth as a baby to adulthood. Ask Xav and he will tell you what he has learnt.

Collection of Triceratops Specimens

Stepped into The Juvenile Triceratops Mini Theatre where the animation of how their faces change will be shown, from the process of growing from baby to adulthood .

Juvenile Triceratops Mini Theatre
You can expect to find other interesting fossils

Some of the exhibits are pretty interactive. With a touch of a button, you get to hear the different sounds made by a baby Hypacrosaurus and at its juvenile stage.

Different sound of Hypacrosaurus

The moment I stepped into the next hall, I was fascinated by the breath- taking, significant built of the Argentinosaurus skeleton !

Argentinosaurus Skeleton, measuring 36 m long, 7 m high !

How small we were as we stood beside it ! And how tiny Vera was !

Stan, T-Rex, measuring 11m long, 4 m high

Giganotosaurus, measuring 12m long, 4 m high

Something fun for the kids to pretend to be palaeontologist. They'll be equipped with a mini brush and start their journey on discovering the hidden fossils.

Guess the Dino's diet from their poops !
Enter into the world of Ice Age and spot the familiar animals like Mammoth & Sabre Toothed Cat !

Some animatronics animal from Ice Age
An exhibition not to be missed ! I shall not reveal too much. Do bring the kids down to explore further ! Nice to meet Andy from Sengkangbabies too !

For more information about this exhibition - Titans Of The Past, do visit Science Centre Singapore. “Titans of the Past” exhibition will be on display from 25th October 2013 to 23rd February 2014, operating hours 10am - 6 pm daily.

Admission Charges (Inclusive of Science Centre entry) as follows:
$25 – Adult
$19 – Child

Science Centre Singapore
15 Science Centre Road Singapore 609081
Infoline : 64252500

Facebook page

Disclaimer : We were invited to the Preview of Titans of The Past, no monetary compensation was involved. All opinions are of my own.

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