Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Voyage of Dreams

After Xav's usual swim class ended, we headed down to "Voyage of Dreams" organised by Sarah. Due to our schedule, we could not make it for the registered events but made it to Dreams on Parade .

Voyager of Dreams
Borrow six books and you can enter into the Dreams on Parade.  A good initiative to encourage children to read and craft ! Ready to start dreaming ?

Before we entered, we saw some beautiful creations using egg carton on the display table!

Some of the creations made from recycled materials.
Xav was inspired to make his favourite characters, Angry Bird and has decided to create his favourite Starwars character, Han Solo. He created it all by himself. No help is rendered to him except for when he is looking around for the materials he wanted and couldn't found it.

Xav and his Han Solo
We met Susan and Sophie at the event too !

The creative and playful children !
And made a glittery butterfly out of pipe cleaners ! Seriously, I did not know that pipe cleaners can be so fun ! Be creative and playful, you be amazed by what you can come up with !

Though it was only for the short span of 45 mins but we had a whale of a time ! Looking forward to next year's Cardboard Dreams !

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