Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Handmade Gift for Daddy

So what's for dear's birthday this year ?

I was thinking hard of what to get for my dearest. What ran through my mind was he went on a few trips in 2012 - 2013. But he kept all his photos in the portable hard disk and you will never get to see the pics unless you switched on the laptop.

With my new skill learnt in decoupaging, I decided to rope Xav in and make him a double sided accordion album from scratch. Of course this can only be done when he is not around.

I taught Xav step by step to glue, blow dry the canvas and how to dab on the serviette gently so as not to tear the delicate paper. He did well and we managed to make the front and back cover together.

I printed out the photos before hand after a few rounds of selection, cut the pattern papers and then glued them together to form the accordion.

Below are some of the pages I did, trying to keep it as simple as possible as I do not want the album to be too bulky.

Thereafter, I made a box from scratch using my scoreboard to hold the album and tie it up with some twines and there we are done ! Happy birthday to my dearest and Xav's dearest daddy ! We love you !

Of course, we would stick by our annual practice and that's to make a trip to The Icing Room as per request by who you know ? He always says he wants to design & decorate a cake for us on our birthdays.

So now, whose birthday is it ? Ours or Xav's ? (Laughs) He got his wish come true with trips to the Icing Room and we got to eat the cake. =P

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