Friday, June 14, 2013

Coloured Flowers

Coloured flowers experiment is on this week ! This simple experiment brought back memories of what I did during school days and now I'm going through it with Xav.

This experiment will teach us about transpiration in plants as well as the colour mixing. It's good to refresh what are primary and secondary colours through this small activity.

What you will need is : white flowers (roses, carnations, crysanthemun, daisies), food colourings, cups or test tubes if you have.

I can't find any white roses hence, I bought the last bouquet of white crysanthemun @ $3.10 from Cold Storage. Cheapest amoung the other flowers I guess.

Firstly, I got Xav to fill the test tubes with water.

The gel colourings comes in handy. Just mix one colour to one test tube using a toothpick. I got him to form the secondary colours as well.

Next, put in the stalks carefully. I helped him to snip off the stem to a shorter length.

It took just a few hours, the white flowers started to show "colours" on their white petals.

From the left : Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
Close up of the coloured flowers
Shared by a mummy friend of mine, if you want bi-coloured flowers. Split the stem into half and place the stem into two tubes of different colours and observed what you get at the end.

I'm was surprised to hear this from Xav after we did the first experiment - Growing crystals. He told me "Mummy, give me my exercise book. I shall write down what I see ok ?"

Have fun doing the experiment !

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