Friday, December 14, 2012

Fish'em up !

It has since been 3 years when I had this kit made. Recently, I duplicate another 10 bags for a busy bag exchange. I added in additional twines just in case the twine tied to the stick wears out. I bought another pack of magnets from most of our favourite store, Daiso.

Additional twine. I thought it fitted nicely into the colour theme for SG50.

I printed out the instruction manual and cut them out with Lawn Cuts - Snitched Journaling Cards.

Note that more ways of playing with the kit has been added.

Personalized stamping of "Handmade with Love By Serene" using Averyelle clear stamps and created my name with Studio Calico roller stamp, right at the back of the cards. I loved how it looked - clean and simple.

This time round, felt letters were used as I bought quite an amount from The Paper Stone Store as I am lazy to cut and glue one by one. So those stickers helped save me a lot of work and time !

Photo credit to Mummy Janet

Updated 30/8/2015

This was one of the mini projects on hand that I wanted to do - DIY fishing game to make learning more fun for spelling of colours.

For younger toddlers ;
- They can learn colour sorting. Sort the foam fishes according to the 9 different colours.
- Recognition of  letters
- Use as math counters
- Sensory play when Styrofoam is poured in.

For preschoolers,
- They can fish up the fishes of the same colour (For instance, Orange ) and arrange the letters to form the name of the colour "O.R.A.N.G.E)
- The foam fishes can also be used as counters for counting.
- Form your own colour pattern.
- Make your own graph sheet and mark your own Rainbow fish graph !
- Be creative and utilize the kit in your own creative way !

Materials needed :
1. Colour foams / mini foam letters A-Z
2. Mini brads / mini magnets
3. Twines
4. Styrofoam beads (Can be omitted)
5. One chopstick or a plastic rod
6. One round, flat magnet

Method :

1. Cut out the desired shape you want on the foam. You may wish to plan out how many colour fish you want. For instance, orange (6 orange fishes), red (3 red fishes), green (5 green fishes )
2. Stick the mini letters on each fish.
3. I found some mini brads in my craft box. Just the right size for the little fish ! They can be the eyes for the fishes and also at the same time, it allows the magnet on the rod to attract them to "hook" up the fishes !

I changed the brads to more colourful ones. Updated 30/8/2015
4. Poke through the foam

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Dianaruth Guo said...

WOW! Form fishes! How clever! I am thinking if i could make some for some fun in the bath tub. thank you for sharing :)

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