Thursday, June 2, 2011

Singkids Playsystem !

Recommended to me by a friend, there's a new playground for kids @ T3 ! It's slightly costly but I crazy love it too not to mention Xavier !

Peak period (School holidays), it's @ $18 per hour. Non peak (Mon -Thurs) is @ $14 unlimited worth of fun while fri-sun is $18 for 2 hours !

It will be good if I can bring Xav there on a non holiday season.

The wheel which could turn him upside down !

The really gentle see-saw with the bears.

No worries about letting Xav climb all the way up ! The structure is all padded !

We loved the Dancing balloons most ! The enclosed area where you can catch, toss and hug the giant latex ballons !

There is another area where there are smaller balloons, meant for younger kids.

Should I name this trampoline ? Xav would love to have this as his bed I guess hahaha .. see how comfortable he is !
The mini slide
The roller racer !

Using the arms to facilitate the moving of the cart by swaying left and right.

The Mini jumping castle !
The merry-go-round
Another one of Xav's favourite !

There is another outlet @ Vivocity ! Be sure to bring your kiddos there for a try ! Guarantee loads of fun !

Opening hours: 11 am to 11 pm.


zhu said...

Hi Serene, it's me, julia here (Eric's wife lah) :) Glad to have discover your blog!
I can see that Xav enjoyed it so much! I guessed I will fall in Love with the new playground too....ha ha just too bad that we wont be able to bring Leon there till our next trip back home...

Serene said...

Hi Zhu,

Thank you for dropping by ! =)

The playground is really fun ! Even I don't feel like leaving hehe .. They have opened another outlet at vivocity and can admit children up to age of 12.

Be sure to bring Leon there after you all
Return ! =)

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