Monday, April 11, 2011

An Official Preschooler !

Just 2 days before Xav turns 3, he started school in the new term ! He's been promoted from toddler to an official preschooler ! He has been bugging me before that, telling me at least thrice a day "I like to go to school" ! Ultimately, my plan to send him to school when he's 4, was brought forward !

This is Day 1 : He was sure excited about going to school !

First activity on every Monday morning is Bible story. He didn't start looking for me until halfway through. Quite a goodstart for Day 1 !

Afterwich was playground time ! Love the way how the kids were disciplined during playground time. They need to stand in a straight line, apply the insect repellant on their hands and legs and can only stepped into the playground after green light is given by the teacher.

Rest time after playground !

Was so glad that he was able to play along side with his classmates. Here'e him with Davien, his regular playmate who is now his classmate too !

During music and movement

I was like having daily morning blues during Week one ! Being too attached to me, he was a bit difficult for the first week ! Take his own sweet time to eat his breakfast, don't want to wake up but caught him lazing in bed ! Ran off at the sight of me going to him with his uniform and refusing to change into it !

Super big resistance when we mentioned school, teachers and friends ! All the answers we got from him was "Don't want, Don't like and Don't want to go to school " hahhaa .. all the devastating answers from him ! But he only cried when I handed him over to the teacher other than that, the teachers feedback that he was alright after they distracted him !

And he relly think of ways and means to have an excuse for me to be with him. He had slightly wet nose for the first week. I told him Xav, if you need tissue, go get it from your bag. His reply was "Go get from mummy, mummy hold the bag !" Smart of him heh ! But eventually, I see a smiling and happy boy at the end of the day ! Thank you to the teachers and staff of YCK Chapel ! I knew Xav will be in good hands with them !

Day 2 - Cried at the first sight of daddy !
Day 3 - Was crowning his birthday crwon ! Silly me, I thought that I would like him to get adjusted to school without my presence faster. I actually left him and the cake with the teacher and I went home ! Forgetting to ask if I can stay behind and take some pics for him celebrating his birthday in school for the first time !

Day 4 - With more smiles from him after school !

Day 8 - Xavier was saying to me "Bye bye mummy ! See you later " ! when we reached the entrance to his classroom !

Day 10 - Excursion trip to the zoo !

Day 13 - He requested to visit his "friend" on the 19th floor before going to school and here he is !

Day 14 - A new breakthrough ! I was lazing in bed when he came to me and tell me "I like to go to school " Immediately, I jumped up and told me "okay ! Lets get changed and GO !! " Mummy was super happy here ahhaha !

Day 15 - Am a lil' flower ! Horsing around when I tried to change him into his uniform !

Am so happy now that he is adjusting well to the school. To the extend that sometimes when I went to fetch him, he is reluctant to go off with me ! Infact, he took a much shorter time than I expect to adapt to it. I actually set to give him a month to "cry" hahaha .. Am proud of you, Xav!

One advice from the principal was "Don't let the child feel your anxiety and learn to let go. You must trust the school and the teacher and they will be fine after a while" and yes indeed !

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