Saturday, November 27, 2010

Xav @ 31 months

Xav @ 31 months seems to start behaving better as he understands instructions better. But at times, he will still go against our instructions and do the opposite !

Sometimes, he gives in to Edna and sometimes not. He wants whatever she has ! He saw her minnie mouse head band and wore it on himself ! See the handsome minnie here !

He attempted to help Edna wear the band on her head ! He did it ! And meimei got her hair messed up !

Start of learning a new skill ! Chopsticks ! Luckily there is such a thing called training chopstick, otherwise I wouldn't know how to teach Xav to hold the chopstick in a correct way as I, myself , is holding it the wrong way.

Wanted to get Pororo for him. A much cheaper choice as compared to Thomas & Friends, who knows he saw the 2-in-1 Thomas pack ! He gave me back Pororo and told me "I don't like, I want Thomas!

And insisted on the pack with stage 1 & 2. Cost a bomb of $27 for two pairs of chopsticks !! Ex !!
But he had fun feeding himself with the chopsticks and finished the whole bowl of dish given to him by himself !

He can even pick up the bit size and dipped into the tomato sauce ! How he enjoyed !!

I'm sure he's looking forward to feed himself during meal times with his new chopsticks.

He recognises numbers and can read out to me to the 40s now.

New word he learnt at Zoophonics and understood that "Bee" in mandarin is 蜜蜂, butterfly is 蝴蝶, ant is 蚂蚁,

And he learnt how to join the dots for numbers and alphabets. He learnt this from the Iphone so I thought it's time to let him try on with a pencil on the paper !

As he goes joining, he will say for instance "after A is B, after D is E ". Surprisingly, he uses the word "after" himself ! So at times, I will randomly test him by jumping the alphabets and numbers, getting him to tell me the correct answer.

And now if you asked him the sounds made by different animals, he will make the sound made by that animal.

He knows these when asked ;

1. Cat - meow
2. Dog - woof woof
3. Frog - greebit
4. Cow - moo moo
5. Sheep - baa baa
6. Duck - quack quack
7. Horse - neigh neigh
8. Pig - oink oink

Recently his new favourite reads are "Super Duck, Doctor Ted and Jeeper creepers"

He attempted and can read the very first sentence " Sheep and frog are looking for goat" for Super duck ! Well done baby ! And it seems like he really likes it ! See the after effect of the story, he becomes Super Xavier !

I hope that Xav could continue to keep his interest going in reading !

I had even ordered a set of Bear Collection from The book people as his X'mas gift ! Am trying to hard to stop myself from giving him the books !! Can X'mas come earlier so that this little reader can get his gift ???

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