Saturday, November 20, 2010

When you wish upon a star ...

I named them "when you wish upon a star". Made this for Sonia's 1st birthday to go with her "Touch of Pink" theme party.

Thank you Vanessa for having so much confidence in me. I'm honoured !

I did a trial bake with one butter cookie recipe I found online. Not too bad for the taste but the dough is pretty hard to handle. I got to add more flour to make it more managable. I used the dough to make some Disney cookies as well as some animal cookies.

Welcome Pooh Bear !

Welcome Mickey !

Welcome Minnie !

And welcome the cute little animals, cut out with the cookie cutters from Angie. Thanks for the cutters !

Xav had his fair share of fun helping me with the bakes ! He helped me to imprint the names on the cookie dough.

Thanks Jo for the early X'mas gift too !

The really mini pieces ! Great kit to personalize ur cookies or fondant !

For actual bake, I used the recipe which Angie enclosed in the box of cutters.

Used Wilton colouring paste "Red rose" to mix with the ready rolled white fondant to get this pink.

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