Friday, September 17, 2010

Fireman Learning Kit

Finally, it's done ! Took me about a month or so to do it and waited until we visited the Central Fire Station then I enforced the follow up with Xav !

This folder contained mini flashcards on the fire fighting equipment and a pocket to hold the cards.

I am still trying to plan where should I position the pocket.

On top is a row for "Making Patterns" with the cute little fireman and fire extinguishers. Each row has 10 blanks and can add more if you wish to.

Next, is a mini colouring booklet where Xav can colour on.

There are about 11 different colouring pages where he can colour on. Am still thinking if I should laminate them and let him use the washable markers or just let him use colour pencils or crayons as the feel of using different medium is really different !

Am still trying to develop more activities in the folder as he learns.

Behind the folder, he can play shadow matching game and am glad that he is doing well ! He managed to get all in the correct places.

Last but not least is the "Spell your name" folder. I have yet to cut out the alphabets to stick on. This can help them to spell their name by rearranging the letters !

This is a good site to visit for making your own Fireman lapbook !

Stay tuned for the next learning kit ! It sure keeps the little ones occupy !
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