Saturday, September 11, 2010

Central Fire Station

This post is one of the backlogs ! Imagine the list of backlogs are getting longer !! Wonder what I am busy with !!

Finally, we went to visit the Central Fire Station. It was like being shelved off for the longest time ! Either it rained in the mornings or time was getting too late to set off because the Singapore Civil Defence Force Fire Station only have their open house on Saturday mornings, from 9am - 11am. Admission is free.

We started going up the SCDF Emergency Ambulance to view the interior though I have been on it several times during my course of work previously. Just for your info that for non emergency, we can call 1777.

Check out these two paramedics wanna-be ! Before we went off to visit the Rhinos, Xav got his chance to try using the fire fighting equipment !

Xav got to drive the Red Rhino (Smaller Version of Fire Trucks)

as well as getting onto the commonly known Fire Engine (Or Fire Truck) to have a feel of how it is like ! The Officers term them as Pump Ladder (PL).

Xav's turn to demostrate his pole sliding !

Xav wouldn't want to alight from the Fire Trucks. He insisted on going up to every one of it ! Then, we tried to make him wear the helmet ! Pretty heavy I would say which explains why he doesnt like it.

He pretty enjoyed the demostration of the pole sliding by the officers.

We headed next door to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery (open 10am-5pm Tue-Sun), a mini fire-fighting museum housing old trucks and equipment, plus interactive games and activities on the second level.

We took a family pic before we left and were only realising by then that we wore the same colour top unknowingly !

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