Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zoophonics Term 3 Lesson 7 & 8

Lesson 6 was skipped as I got an allergy which caused my right eye bag to swell ever since in the afternoon at the Zoo. Despite taking the anti swell pills, it still didn't work.

Lesson 7, we were late for class as Xav overslept due to the nice weather. He slept till 8.10am and partly due to the rain, we couldn't get a taxi too.

I kind of forgot what they did in the mandarin class. But am sure that I discovered and realised that he didn't like objects that were too soft, just like the cotton wool. The teacher gave it out to them and asked them to feel it, he gave the same kind of expression when I asked him to feel the texture of the rambutan. He gave me the shivers and ran off !

They were supposed to make a patchy blanket and the cotton wool was to stuff into the paper bag to make a pillow.

Lesson 8

We made it in time ! But dunno why despite sleeping so early, this little fellow here was kind of tired that morning ! Wakie wakie !!!

During the mandarin class, they were taught what is 理发师 and the equipment they use in their work.

They had a matching game and that was to match and place the equipment given to them on the big piece of laminated sheet picturing the 剪刀,梳子,吹风机 (I known it as 吹风桶) so am I right or wrong ?

And silly Xav kept combing my hair with the laminated comb in class !

Subsequently, a story of "little red riding hood" followed by.

And xav wanted to try dressing up as little red riding hood !

And went around looking for flowers to fill his basket.

They did a craft by pasting little pieces of red papers to form the cloak of Little Red Riding Hood.

The Lil Red Riding Hood continuation will be making the big bad wolf for the next class.

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