Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zoophonics Term 3 ~ Lesson 13 & 14

Lesson 13 covered 脚踏车 during the Chinese lesson and they did a simple craft on forming the wheels of the bicycle using strips of paper.

Continuing the topic on Cinderella, the kids were asked to make their own "Glass Shoe" decorating it with glitter dust and sequins.

And Xav tried to wear the shoe after he completed the craft !

See ! The prince found his glass slipper hahaha ...

Lesson 14 covers 巴士 (Bus) and they did a little activity by identifying the pictures of bus drivers and passengers and sticking them onto the board plus colouring a picture of a bus.

English lesson covers the life cycle of a Pumpkin plant.

They were introduced to seeds and got to taste the pumpkin seeds !

Trying to split open the seeds.

He loves it and asked for more !

And did a craft on the pumpkin seeds. Normally I will allow him to apply the glue himself instead of following the majority who actually did the work for the kids lol.. I still believe in letting him try to do it himself. I will only step in if he needs help to assemble the picture.

The craft is left in the school to dry hence no pic for that.

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