Monday, August 30, 2010

Piggy Chawanmushi

After trial and error for twice, finally by the third time, no more "holes" appearance for the steam egg.

And i found this at one of the Yong Tau Hu store at thebfresh market in bedok.

It tastes about the same as naruto maki.

Amy taught me to use the "Pigeon" Powder vegetable soup to make stock.

One teaspoon of the powder to 30ml of room temperature water.

One egg to be mixed with 90ml of stock, pour through a sieve and steam on low heat for 13 mins ( I tried for 15 mins as what Amy told me.) But the outcome was a rough texture steam egg.

I added in some cooked shrimps to replace the crabmeat, slice mushrooms and chicken cubes.

A very easy to prepare, light yet tasty dish.

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