Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chocolate Lava Cake Practice Session

I would try to practise after each recipe is taught.

Last Saturday, Yanti and Caca came over and we tried baking the Chocolate Lava Cake and succeeded after the 2nd

This marked the opening of the Kitchen Aid which the mummies got for me ! A nice warm yellow that matches with the theme of our place.

First attempt with Yanti, we tried using Cadbury milk chocolate bar.

The batter

Out from the oven. We used 17 mins for this. Ended up it's slightly moist inside.

Top with a super duper big strawberry !

2nd attempt we used the dark baking chocolate and baked for 13 mins. It was a really successful attempt with the chocolate oozing out !

We were so thrilled about it and couldn't help but keep snapping pictures of it with our handphone !

Looking forward to bake it again for any gatherings at our place !

Recipe is from Noobcook.
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