Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chicken Baked Rice

One of the To- try dishes on my list ! Yesterday, I googled around for some recipe for reference and came up with this simple one of my own.

First marinate the chicken with some pepper and salt. I used thigh instead of chix fillet as Xav only takes thigh meat and mid joint wings !

I stir fried some cube carrots and shredded mushroom for a few minutes and added in the thigh meat. Fry till the meat turns white and add all into the rice cooker and cook with the rice.

When rice is ready, scooped into a oven proof bowl, top a layer of cream of mushroom on top of the rice, add cheddar and mozorella cheese and baked in the oven till cheese melts or turn slightly golden.

Quite simple to cook and seriously I find it better than the ones I ate at Swensens !

But Xav hates it hahaha prob due to the chewy cheese !

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