Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see ?

We have been on this book recently

and Xav has been reading pretty well for this book a he could recognise the words for all the colours as well as words for the majority animals.

Sometimes, he would playfully link other characters which are not within the story together. He can goes "Mummy, mummy what do you see ? And answers himself to me " I see daddy looking at me"

This book can also used to train their memory on the sequence of animals though I have yet to try out.

One morning, I decided to make some brown bear bread for him using wholemeal bread and cheese. And when he saw it, he started to recite the story to me !

Hopefully, I can start on a lapbook for him soon on this story.

Follow up can be done from here as both Brown and Bear starts with the Letter "B". Shall make some bear craft for him to have hands on !

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