Thursday, January 14, 2010

Art frenzy

Decided not to grab the art supplies from Beacon as it is way too inconvenient especially when I have no transport.

Ended up, I signed up as Art Friend's member to buy the paints for Xavier. The price is comparable to Beacon ! Could be even cheaper ! Since I be getting the supplies often so why not !

Bought these Tempera washable paints. But only the primary colours though as I intended to teach Xav other secondary colours by mixing the primary colours together.

Here's the piggy and his paints !

And I got some drawing blocks for him as well.

And today, I taught him Letter A, though he recognises Letter A as well as some other alphabets.

I drew a big apple and the Alphabet A with big and small case on the paper for him to colour.

He had fun !

The nicely coloured portion is done by mummy incase if you all got a shock that Xav can colour within lines. Am still trying to teach him though.

Xav can even use both hands to colour ! Hahaha... ...

We ended up having a colourful apple !

Later in the evening, while waiting for his dinner, I gave him some wet paint to play with.

It was quite obvious that he likes to dip his finger into the wet paint as compared to the color pencils.

Here's Xav painting with care. I keep emphasizing him to paint within the apple. Hahahah......

And I got a polka dot "A" for Xav!

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