Thursday, January 28, 2010

Act 3 Academy

On wed, I brought Xav for a Speech & Drama trial class @ Act 3 International.

This is one of the enrichment classes which I would be signing him up since he is no longer in childcare.

We arrived there much earlier than the class commencement time as I'm trying to figure out where the place is.

My independant little boy made his way up himself by the three long flight of stairs while I can conveniently carry his diaper bag on one hand and his pram in the other. Thank you Xav !

There he is exploring around the premises while waiting for the class to start.

In the waiting room...

During the class, there is alot of music and movement involvement. The teachers are child friendly, expressive as well as interactive !

Personally, I feel that Xav enjoys every part of the music and movement as he observed how the teachers did it and joined in with his actions thereafter.

Story for that day was "The tortise and the hare". All actions, songs, crafts and movement were related to the story.

Here's Teacher April drawing happy face on Xav's palm.

Mr Happy meets Mr Sad !

This two little faces have a song behind them!

And this is the pair of hare's ears that I assisted Xav to do during the crafts session.

The class includes story telling session which can actually trains the child concentration to sit down and listen to the story.

Here's the normally super active Xav, sitting down and concentrating on the story telling. He was a bit restless at the start of it. But eventually, he sat throughout the whole session !! Great job, Xav !

After the class, took his lunch and brought him to Iluma for lunch with Andy and Theresa. Look at Xavier !! He must be thinking, oh mine, is this whole bowl of "ice-shim" gonna be mine !!

Confirm !!!! Hahahaha !!

But mummy says no.. I can only take a little bit bit..

Anyway, I have signed up Xav for the remaining term. Shall see if he really likes it from here as one session is insufficient to deduce whether if he likes or don't.

Hopefully he enjoys it. I believe in the long run, speech and drama would be able to train the child to be more confident amd creative in their problem solving skills as well as in their language development.

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