Sunday, September 6, 2009

No school for one week !!

Well, one week on medical leaves meant no school for Xavier ! Suddenly, he loves to bring us one of his storybooks and tries to tell us to read to him, by giving us the book. After I read a page to him, he will go and find daddy and asks daddy to read to him and then come back to me again. Not sure what he is trying to show by this, but I'm glad that now he is more willing to allow us to read books to him.

I guess he enjoys the stay at home as much but the poor boy I think got to adjust himself to school life again after the one week. But has decided to keep him with me for two more days before he returns to the CC on wed, just to make sure he is really clear so that he won't spread to others.

Anyway, he has totally recovered and is eating like a cow !! Caught him messy after eating the black sesame dessert. Please pardon the blur pics as they were taken using my mobile phone. My camera is turning it's back on me !!

Even though his meals intake were as per normal even when he was down with the fever and ulcer in the throat.

During this one week, he gave us some surprises on his increasing vocab ! While mummy, me, at the same time, managed to spend some time to prepare some tea for him.

He seems to like bread recently after I bought him the cranberry bread. Alright !! Finally, my tools can come into use !

I prepare some mickey mouse shape bread for him rather than giving him the whole slice and he just goes tearing them up.

Today, I made him a combination of Pooh bear, Tigger and Mickey Mouse. He sure likes that and keep on eyeing at the lunch box !

After I cut out the shapes for him, dear dear and I ate the remaining.

I poured in the egg mixture into the "moulds" in the bread.

After which, spread some butter and sprinkle a little sugar on top. And there's our breakfast !

He did not only get to try this. Today, I took out the toy set dear dear got for me. It works as a bread cutter as well as a bread sealer, that can actually seal the fillings within the sandwich. Not very nice looking for the first attempt. But still managed to get a rough idea of how the outcome is.

Have prepared some egg mayo fillings... ...

Here's cheeky bear done by me.

Here's piggydon chef @ work ...

The outcome is ... piggy bread !!

On Tuesday, we brought him to Dr Ong for a consultation. When he was there, he went to the little table with the bead chaser and two small chairs. Suddenly, he pulled out the chair and said "sit". He repeated "sit" whenever he wanted to.

At home, during meal times, make a guess what he would do ? He actually walks right into the kitchen, pulled out the wooden ratten chair, which I normally allowed him to sit on and said "sit" and would expect us to carry him onto the chair for his meal.

This is his way of telling us that he is hungry, which I had discovered just today. At 3 pm, normally I will give him tea time. Some snacks or bread. Today, I think he was hungry, at about 3.10 pm, he went into the kitchen and "sit", "sit", came from him and he went on to display signs of him wanting to eat.

And yes, when he sees Bird, he can pronouced "Bird" ! He knows what it is and now he knows how to pronouce it.

Followed by, he understands what is "turn around". Whenever, I sang "Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around ... " He will make a few turns !

Next surprise was, when he was watching YBCR VCD, he was just at the door. The word "Smell" came on the screen but before the pronouciation came on, he started to show me how he "smell" by sniffing !

And guess what when it comes to songs. When "Ten Little indians" is shown on "The Wheels on the bus", before the song starts, he will act like the "Red Indian" and goes oooohh by using his fists against his mouth.

There is this Tumble Tots cd. When the song "Shake my sillies" was played, he will pretend to "yawn" when it comes to the yawning part !! heee... Silly Xavier ! I have been teaching him the actions whenever I sang with him. Finally, I see results and I hope to receive more surprises from him !

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