Monday, September 28, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival 2009

This year's Mid Autumn Festival celebration, we had it @ The Nexus. Thanks Sharon and James for their warm hospitality and of course not forgetting little Julian who shared his toys with the kiddos.

Xav had a chance this time to meet up with some other new friends whom he had never seen before. But this did not hold him back to mix around with them ! He's still as sociable as before ! He ran onto the playmat the minute he stepped into the function room upon seeing all the toys !

Thank you to David too for taking nice pics of us !

Here's some which David took for Xav ... Xav's simply in love with wheels !!! One funny encounter through out the whole day was Xavier was constantly "fighting" over toys with Earnest !

Boys are boys ... they loves cars and wheels !! Here's Xav bugging Julian ... "Julian, when will it be my turn ?"

Heh heh heh.. My turn !!

Xav: Shall wait for my turn again .....

Even when it comes to the slide, you should see how funny they were ! Ernest wanted to just remain on the steps leading to the top of the slide while Xavier just wanted to climb up from the bottom of the slide to the top. Just nice heh, each occupy half of the slide.

Posing @ the ball pool ...

I did not know how to load the remaining photos here as I'm no good with Mac notebook.... still struggling .. Pics that I missed out, can be seen in my facebook which are tagged to me.

Alright, mummies and babies, FALL IN !

Meet some of Xavier's new friends here ...

Had quite a late night that day.

As for me, this year, with the help of Jo's recipe. I made two boxes of snowskin mini mooncakes for the teachers team.

Also making a box for Caca as well as dear dear, who was constantly aiming at the ready made ones in the fridge.

Tried making a mickey mouse design, here it goes ... lots of work as compared to those made using traditional mooncake mould ..

Let's welcome Mickey coupled with a mini star ! First attempt though, hence, not so well done ...

Made two boxes, one for Caca and the other one for Justin's mummy ...

Close up of Moonie Mickey ...

For Xavier, mum bought him a piggy !!

Here's xavier giving his kiss to the adorable piggy .. Xav: "Piggy ... here I come ... " and off goes the nose ...

Anyway, poor Xav gotta stay indoor again this festive season !! He caught another bug ... Now coughing and having runny nose as well ... Hugs to Xavier ... Hope you recover soon !

Meanwhile, wishing all Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le ! Have fun over the weekend !

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