Thursday, August 6, 2009

Week 2 in Childcare

This week is the second week Xav is in childcare. Well, according to the teacher, he is doing pretty well.

Normally, after I leave, teacher told me that Xav will cry but after she laid him down on the mat, he will be very relax, hugging his favourite bolster, watching the friends do Music and Movement. Hey, don't be surprised that he's learning actually by observing and listening !

Teacher Carol said that sometimes, Xav will also join the friends and sing. Most if the time, he will go around hugging his bolster and goes " ze ge ze ge ze ge" This has became his nickname hah ! Teachers there will call him ze ge ze ge instead of Xav. hahahhaha.. So funny !

That day, I went to fetch him but he was taking his noon nap. I was very relieved when I saw him, at least he managed to take his nap there with the other kids.

So far, he has improved. No more crying during shower when the teacher bathed him and I still cook his meals and bring to the cc for him cos apparently, he is not used to Aunty Doris's cooking. He finished most of his lunch that was brought for him. PHEW.. I was then so worried about him losing 1 kg on the 1st week.

I noticed the following changes or should say improvement improvements:
1. He used to be able to sleep on his own, but the habit broke when he fell ill.

Was about to start to retrain him to sleep in his playpen. Surprisingly on Monday, he is willing to sleep in his playpen when we tried to put him in his playpen and no longer need to co-sleep with us on our bed. Since Monday till now, everything remains the same ! WELL DONE XAVIER !

2. He is much more independant. I brought him to Taka during the weekend. If you know the stair case leading from B2 Giordno to B1, he insisted to climb up the stairs himself with the support of the railing just like how he did in the cc! BRAVO, HE DID IT !!

3. I taught him how to remove his shoes once he entered the door to the unit and he knew how to tear open the velcro and remove his shoes with minimal help.

4. I also taught him to dry his hand at the towel rack. I didn't know that he actually remember where to do it when I only taught him twice.

5. He has also learnt how to take off his shirt from the neck. I will normally help him to get his arms out of the arm hole, and the rest he could do it himself.

6. He understands better at what I'm trying to tell him.

7. But of cos, he learnt to SCREAM !!! cos his classmates do that after a particular song ! And this fellow learnt it !! Monkey see monkey do !!

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