Monday, August 24, 2009

Polliwogs @ East Cost Park

Polliwogs was the most recent playground which Xavier went to. Had brought him there twice for some fun time.

Thanks David and Angel, for the pics and collages.

Personally, I prefer Polliwogs as compared to Go Go Bambibi. It may not have more varieties than GGB but I like the slides and the space which is big enough for the tots to really run freely !

And plus their mini retro furniture !! I love them !!

While Xavier loves the slides !! He was laughing out so heartily when I carried him in my arms and slide down !

There is a slide which will land you in a pool of balls !

You see, Xavier just can't get enough of holding so many balls in his hands!

There is another smaller pool near to the cafe ... Btw, they provide coffee and tea for the accompanying parents in the cafe with Internet access at the same time.

Dear dear is now shortlisting for venues to plan for his 2nd Birthday ! Fast isn't ! Just about 7 months more to go !!!

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