Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Had agreed to help Sharon's Cousin, Charlene in her NUS Project.

Project aims to examine parents' and caregivers' speech to children and it's relation to children's vocabulary development. In particular, they are interested in the differences in parents' speech to their child and their speech to other adults.

The procedures involves an hour of observation of the mother's speech to the child

First round is constructing the model by giving instruction to the child.

And he's only interested in holding on to the car block with wheels and walking around ! It's so hard to make him sit !!

Second round is reading a book to the child. This round, Xav particularly likes the book with sounds and couldn't stop giggling !

Third round is giving him a set of toys and teaching him how to play with it. After the three rounds, it's mummy's turn to instruct Charlene to construct the model (Sameas first round).

Ended the session with X riding on his tricycle.

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