Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's like out of the blue ! On sunday morning, when I fed Xav his breakfast, I did not noticed anything amissed as he finished his cereal in his usual 20 mins duration. But I felt that his little hands were rather "warm", warmer than the usual.

For the past few days, I noticed his fluid intake is much lesser than the norm. I should have been more sensitive to it because normally his fluid intake is quite alot during the day time.

Furthermore, whenever he sees milk, it is very, very, unlikely that he is not interested in it. These two days were like ... keeps me wondering, when did he started to dislike milk ?!

I measured his temperature and was kind of surprised to see 38.2 degree! Immediately, I fed him paracetamol. But the fever did not went down. It was like lurking around and getting higher and higher.

Xavier can still play and ate up his lunch ! Not much fuss from him. I took the noon nap with him but fever came up to 39 deg @ 4pm. Fed him with neurofen. Fever still did not went down until 8pm. I fed him with another dosage of paractamol again.

I was kind of worried as normally his fever will go down after taking neurofen or paracetamol but not this time. As such, had decided to bring him to TMC 24 hr walk in clinic with the accompany of Jo and mum.

Apparently, Xav has not forgotten the previous stay he had in TMC. He still remember the uniform worn by the nurses and the doctor's mask !

He screamed and cried when the doctor tried to examine him, refusing to be examined.
Nevertheless, the doctor saw ulcers at the back of his mouth and diagnose as viral infection. Not by airborne this time but through contact by hand and putting into his mouth !

Was told by doc that I can give Xav some ice cream and cold fluid to soothe his throat.

After we went home, surprisingly, Xavier did not have anymore fever till the next day. But I saw some blisters forming on the inner thighs and some other areas on his legs.

I was like started to suspect that it could be HFMD, because the spots did not appear on sunday.

Brought him to Dr Ong on Tuesday to reassure myself. Indeed, Dr Ong confirm it to be the A type HFMD, not exactly HFMD but the cousin of HMFD, more to the mild side, not the typical serious type.

So my guess was right about it ! No school for Xavier for one week and we shall be grounded at home !

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