Tuesday, August 4, 2009

EXTREME !!!!!!!

This is really something which I will never forget in my whole entire life ...... I really need to pour out somewhere.

I went for an interview for the position of Facilities Management Officer with this Company "Chemicxxxx Enterprise Pte Ltd". Job scope is to manage and maintain army camps. Sounds interesting?

Well, anyway this is the whole story...

I went down for an interview and had then confirmed that the position would be offered to me. Hence, all the pay issue were settled. Then, I tried to fight for a company transport, which might be possible but of cos there is no guarantee, reason being, from Tanah Merah I got to travel all the way to Jurong Camp, it's bit far heh.

Take note first posting: Jurong Camp, to start on the 17th August 2009 as agreed by both parties.

The boss was quite firm in his stand that no company transport would be provided.
Then, I straight away on the spot told him "sorry, I reject your offer as it was too far" and I left.

The very day, I discussed with dear dear, whom agreed that the pay is indeed very attractive for a Diploma Holder but note, if I were to travel from my place, I think the transport allowance is not even enough to cover. Plus, poor Xavier has to be in the school freaking early. Despite this, dear dear told me to try it out first.

Has spoke to my friend, who managed to got back the position for me.

The boss called me up the next day and told me he will offer me the position. This time round, the posting is at SAFTI MI.

I agreed without any hesitation as SAFTI MI is walking distance form Joo Koon MRT.

Then, I waited for the company to call me uo to sign the letter of appointment. waited for about a week, I have to call to check if the letter is ready as I need to submit to MCYS.

Went down on last thursday to sign and I was asked by the boss if it's ok to change my posting to Pasir Lebar Camp. I asked him why my posting has changed. His reply was "Ohh.. it has been taken up". I was thinking fine, so be it since Pasir Lebar is just at another side of SAFTI. I gave him to his changes.

And Finally, two days before I got to know that I have to start work on the 3rd (when I am supposed to start on the 17th), he called me again asking me to report on the 3rd as it's pretty urgent.

I told him alright, no problem and the best part was he told me to go to Sungei Gedong Camp !!!!!!!

It's off Lim Chu Kang Road, further in after passing the cemetry area. How am I going to go to work without a car ?! The whole journey took me 2 hours to reach there. Given the allowance the company is giving is not even enough to cover for 20 days !!

On Monday, it was my first and last day at work. The most extreme event that had ever happen in my whole entire life. I decided to just resign for the following reasons:

1. I will not compromise Xavier for a nice paying job if distance is too far.
2. Both Xav and I were put through some kind of stress. I'm supposed to transit him slowly, but this bugger wanted me to start early and to secure the posting, I had Xav stayed at the cc for longer hours sooner than I have planned.
3. Just felt that I'm like a ball being kicked around, not valued by the boss, very demoralising. The fact that because of this position, I went all out to search for a good childcare and paid for all registration fee.. This is what I get!
4. The boss is not truthful @ all. I am infact the earliest one to start on the position (Insider info) so how can it be possible that all are taken up and there is not even a possibility that he can change back to the former posting given to me !

Anyway, it's his loss heh to lose a hardworking worker !! hahahahhaa.. Selling myself here... Ooopss..

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