Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday Celebration @ Yan Palace

Had an advanced birthday celebration with everyone today !

Has decided on Dim Sum @ Yan Palace as it has been a long long time since we had Dim Sum.

This year's Xavier's 2nd year celebrating my birthday with me... Plus plus plus ... With additional of a new family member this year !! Yes, Edna Faith !

See the family is getting bigger and merrier ! Here are the lovely couples ! Check 'em out !

Here's dear dear and me ... ...

Here's Jo, bro-in-law and Caca.. Guess why was he holding up the birthday cake ?? heee ... ...

That's my old folks ... Mum and Dad if you have never seen them before ... Wish them to be as lovely as they are in the pics !

Thanks all for the presence and gifts.. plus thank you Jo for getting the yummy Tiramisu

and strawberry shortcake (for lil' Xavier).

He took one whole slice by himself for teabreak. Not sure if it's the sugar level he had for the day was a bit on the high side, Xav was like super active for the whole afternoon !! Hyperactive is a more exact word if I can use !

But too bad, did not managed to take any pics with the both of them today in the group pics! B'cos they were busy Zzzzz away !

Here's Xavier with Yi-por before he went to Zzzzz...

and one with me of course !

Had a fulfilling breakfast ! Ended our day with shopping @ Expo !

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