Sunday, June 28, 2009

3D2N stay at TMC Chalet

Poor little Xavier's condition did not get any better. He was running a fever and bad cough since sat and I brought him to the PD on the following Monday.

Given antibiotics (Klacid) still did not managed to bring down his fever and he continued with his bad cough.

Back for the review on thursday and Dr Ong was saying poor boy was wheezing and need to be admitted for Acute bronchitis. To tell the truth, my mind is more at ease when I was told that he needs to be admitted.

Pardon me for the poor resolution, think I need a better camera phone!

Exploring his new bed.

Then, he was pulled away to be put on the antibiotics drip. Poor boy, they poked him twice on the left hand but could not find his veins. So there it goes, having the drip needle on his right.

Got him his favourite bolster to give extra comfort.

He got his left hand bandage up as well to prevent him from pulling out the needle on the right.

Luckily we brought a pram along. He slept in it sometimes when he was too tired and also when it's time to put on the neubaliser.

Pretty useful when the room is too noisy, I will push him out and sleep outside.

He knew he is recovering and going to get discharge !

He did his last session of neubaliser till he fell asleep.

This was how we settled X down during his neubaliser session.

However, during the stay, Xavier got frightened of the nurses. He associates them with pain and needles. This had resulted him to feel so insecure that he wanted and allowed only me and dear dear to carry him. No no to other people.

Hope he can regain back the confidence in letting others carry just like the way he used to be.

Tuesday, we shall go back for his review. Hope that his phlegm gets more clear up by then. Hugs to Xavier ... ...

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