Saturday, April 25, 2009

The TODDLER stage ........

In a blink of an eye ! My little man turns one !

Getting cheekier as days go by...... Look mummy !! Hands free !!!

The seductive Xavier ! hahahahahaha

Fast & furious wheels !!

Funny face.. bleah......

By 13 month old, he has a total of 7 pearlie white. 4 on top & 3 at the bottom. Here's one that you can count !!

On 23/04/2009 ~ He walked 2 unsupported steps towards me on the playmat !

On 25/04/2009 ~ He surprised me with a 4 steps ! And best part was when I asked him to show to daddy Don, he did it again ! 4 steps !

I waited with anticipation and excitement that he could make more steps. And guess what ...

On 26/04/2009 ~ @ Plaza Singapura, he gave me a 10 steps on his own !! I was thrilled of course ! Well Done Xavier ! You did it !

After he advances to the officially "Toddler" stage, I realised the changes in him..

1. Then: Fusses during meal times. I had to really yell till the whole house can shake, sing and act like a clown !!

Now: Little Xavier is getting better! I have not been screaming out my lungs for the past one month ! Instead, meal times are much more fun and happy !

2. Then: Separation anxiety.... My presence has to evolve around him even for a min !
Else little xavier comes crawling and chasing after me with tears in his eyes!
Especially in the morning when he wakes.

Now: He wakes up a happy boy. Smiling and crawling into mummy's arm, if not, he will be gazing out of the window to look out for birds. He knew what they are !

I can now just leave him to play by himself while I go and prepare his meals or eat my meals. He will entertain himself with the walker

& boardbooks..

3. Then: Hates to be in playpen, even if there are toys in it, Not even for 5 mins.

Now: Happily playing with his pool of balls, throwing them out one by one to me! And I got to pick up all ! *faint*

4. Then, needs to be carried to be seated on the bumbo seat and giraffe.

Now: He can simply do it himself, be it sitting in the bumbo seat

or getting to ride on the giraffe.

He has been using me to practise his riding on the "giraffe" every night before he sleeps !!

5. Then: Apples or breakfast needs to be mash, refused to chew...

Now: No longer needed to mash, he prefers food with more texture and new tastes ! Apples are cut into bit sized instead.

Signs, action and instructions:

1. He understands "No", "Pain", "water", "bubble" wave to indicate bye bye, Hi or wave both hands when he is happy. Signal for "Milk" after hs meals to indicate that he wants milk.

2. Signs "Thank you" when instructed to. (Depends on mood too !)

3. Will comb his hair when given a comb and asked to do so, clap his hands, places his hand on his ear when any mobile phone sounded.

4. Will headbutt and attempts to hug babies he sees.

5. Sits on any chair without lifting his butt off the seat when command of "STAY" is given.

6. His nap time changes too..

His current routine is:

7.30 am ~ 8 am - Breakfast, intake: 4 table spoons of HT cereal with either one apple or banana and 120 ml of milk.

8.45 am ~ 10.30 am - Bath and bubble time, learning words by watching vcd and self play.

11 am ~ 12.15pm - First nap

12.30 pm ~ 1.30 pm - Lunch, intake: 1 bowl of porridge (5 -7 full tablespoons) and 150 ml milk

1.45 pm ~ 3.30 pm - play time

4 pm ~ 5.15pm - Second nap

5.30 pm ~ 6.15 pm - Dinner, intake: 1 bowl of porridge (5 full tablespoons) and 150 ml milk

6.30 pm ~ 6.45 pm - Bath and Bubble time

7 pm ~ 8.45 pm - Play time

8.45 pm ~ 9pm -Last feed, intake: 270ml

9.30 pm ~ 10 pm - Lights off

10 pm - Good night Daddy and Mummy .. He KOs..... hahahahaha

I am looking forward to see his new developments soon.... Good night !

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seahan said...

oh the little man... haha... must upload the video where he shake head manz

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