Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mini Pasta Stars with corn /apple & tomato sauce

Finally... I managed to buy this at Vitakids.. Always out of stock !!

The Bellamy's Mini Pasta Stars !!

I tried two sauces incase the little darling is not used to the texture of the blended corn. It's not as smooth as apple sauce.

1. Mini Pasta Stars
2. Sweet corn
3. Formula Milk Powder

1. Cook the pasta in boiling water until soft.
2. Boil the corns, add in formula milk (1 scoop to 30ml of water)
3. Blend the corns and the milk together.
4. Lastly, pour the corn sauce into the cook pasta and stir before serving.

Luckily I made another sauce and that is apple and tomato sauce. Xavier does not like the corn sauce as much. Anyway, the portion when I first made is only sufficient to last for one meal. Hence, I decided to try out the apple sauce.

You can either just blend the apple or you can deseed and deskin a tomato and blend together. It tastes equally good.

1. One or two apples, core and cut into bit size.
2. Deskin and deseed a tomato (Method can check it out under the droplist on tomato)
3. Blend the apple and tomato together.
4. Lastly, bring to boil and pour over the pasta !!

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