Monday, December 22, 2008

Fillet of Cod

This is supposed to be a recipe from Annabel Karmel "Fillet of Plaice" but I replaced certain ingredients and changed the plaice fillet to cod fillet. Hence, I named this recipe "Fillet of cod".

Probably because of the cheese, I would say this taste even more yummy than the chicken puree. I love it and ate up the remaining should Xavier failed to finish it.


1. 250g sliced Carrots

2. 225g cod fillet (Originally is plaice fillet)
3. some orange juice (Originally is 2 tablespoon of milk)
4. 40g unsalted butter ( I omiited butter)
5. 2 medium ripe tomato diced

6. 40g Cheddar cheese


1. Steam carrots for 20 mins
2. Put fish in a pan, cover with Orange juice and simmer for 4 mins.

3. Saute tomato until mushy
4. Still in cheese till melt
5. Blend carrot and tomato mixture

6. Remove fish from cooking liquid and flake.

7. Stir in fish into the blended mixture.

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