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[Review and Giveaway] Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System

I got to learn about Mary Kay a few years back and I started off with Botanical Effects Mask Formula 2 after leaving the workshop. Personally, I do not like anything on my face as I am always out and about and under the hot sun. I think the heat would probably melt the makeup away should I be putting on any. In addition to looking after the two kids solely all by myself without a helper, in-laws nor my parents' help, I do not have the luxury of time to put on the layers of powder. The only time I am with basic makeup on will be when I am attending a wedding dinner. Most of the time, I go out with a bare face. Unless my dark eye rings are really bad that I have to have some coveraage. 

Previously, I bought Mary Kay CC Cream with SPF 15 and this has became one of my favourite. The texture is really light and all I need is just a little dot to cover the dark eyebags on both eyes. The area under my eyes brightened up after the application!

Mary Kay CC Cream with SPF 15

In early July, I was invited to attend Mary Kay's K-pop Makeup class at Florinda's Pink Office. I thought why not, it is good to learn something which I know nuts about. Anyway, here's my attempt on colouring my face.

After the workshop, came Q&A section. I took the opportunity to ask which range of product is good for acne as I had quite a bad outbreak, especially on my jawlines, chin and cheeks. The acne comes in clusters of clogged pores and blackheads, which I strongly believed that it has definately got to do with the following factors; late nights, insufficient intake of fluid, excessive intake of sugary food or drinks (blame it on myself for loading my body with bubble tea almost every alternate days) , hormonal changes, as well as my poor diet, fried food and junks and poor digestion of food. This is quite a clear indication of having the need to detox my congested liver. I think it is pretty interesting if you can google "face mapping". The face mapping will roughly show you the different areas on the face, is linked to certain organs in our bodies.

All along, I have an oily combination skin type. I really hate it because by the mid noon, my T-zone and nose will shine. So if you have the same issue like me and residing in a country with hot and humid weather all year long, I was recommended to give Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System a try and I agreed as I usually go for non-comedogenic and fragrance free skincare products.

From the left:
1. Clearproof Clarifying Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin. This is a clear gel cleanser which converts into soft foam when lathers, oil and fragrance free, suitable for Sensitive skin type and non-comdogenic. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and oil-free. I would prefer if it comes in a pump bottle though.

2. Clearproof Blemish Control Toner (contains 2% salicylic acid, a common medicine in helping to remove the outer skin hence, it's commonly found in many skin care products for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, warts etc ) - fragrance free and non-comedogenic.

3. Clearproof Oil-free moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin - oil and fragrance free, suitable for Sensitive skin type and non-comdogenic. This tube goes a long way ! I am still using it now since I got it in mid July. You do not need alot for the face, just a size of half a 5-cent coin perhaps, it's lightweight and it does not leave your skin feeling sticky.  Can I say that based on the size, it is really value for money.

4. Clear Proof Spot Solution for Acne Prone Skin - oil and fragrance free, suitable for Sensitive skin type. The solution comes in a light, matcha green. Looks pretty yummy and leaves no sticky feel after the application. I will use this before the moisturizer.

After the first usage, I felt that it made a difference to my skin by balancing up the oil secretion. Infact, my problematic areas did not shine by mid noon, I could feel that it was still "matte" to touch. My face only started to get oily by the early evening. But it was not as oily as before. By Day 4, the affected area got better.

I decided to bring this set with me to Spokane, not expecting the weather in Spokane to be that dry. After two days of usage in the States, my face felt tight and I saw that my face kind of wrinkled up. I was at that point of time, trying to find out which was the product that could have cause the tightness. Hence, I decided to try taking out the toner because though it completes the cleaning process and may help with reducing the number of acne pimples and black head but the salicylic acid may cause excessive drying to the skin. I only resumed the application right after I am back to Singapore. Yes, for the humid weather in Singapore, I would say this range is the one to go for !

Recently, I was told that Clear Proof Deep Cleansing Charocal Mask was one of the best seller!

Sounds good for my combination skin type, hence, I bought to try out. The benefits of the mask are to help unclog pores with the activated charcoal, absorbs excess oil and reduces shine. I could feel that my face is cleaner after I wash off the mask. The silky smooth texture of the mask made the application easy too!

I am giving away 3 tubes of Clear Proof Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask to three lucky readers ! Just nice to pamper your skin after all the pre and post Christmas partying and to welcome the new year! Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Follow Xavvy-licious and Florinday Tay on Facebook.
2. Share the love! Like and tag a friend on the Facebook post with #XavvyMKGiveaway. Share the giveaway post if you would like to (but not necessary) and be sure to set your post to public. 
3. Contest runs from 19 - 25 December 2017 and ends at 2359 hours
4. Contest is for residents residing in Singapore only.
5. Winners will be notified by email and a new winner will be picked should there be no response within 48 hours. 
6. All winners will need to self collect the prize at Bugis Cube. 

Should you be keen in the above range or Mary Kay products, do reach out to Florinda Tay ( Mary Kay Independant Beauty Consultant)  and I would love to tell you to visit Florinda's Facebook, she is always sharing her awesome makeup techniques and tips. If you are thinking of picking up some makeup tips, go watch her live makeup sessions if you can catch it. 

Should you be keen to attend any of Mary Kay's Free Workshops, just click on "Send me a message" to Florinda at the bottom of the page.

There are also other Mary Kay products being featured, you can hop over to MummyEd and Mummy Lynn to read more about the other Mary Kay products review.

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