Thursday, December 21, 2017

FLATLAY 101 @ Canon Imaging Academy

For friends who knew that I love to craft to destress, this period I have also been trying to pick up better photography tips. Another interest which I would love to learn to take better pictures for sharing on my Instagram (Xavvylicious) and on the blog. I readily say YES when Claudia from The Loving Mum invited me for a workshop on "Creating Better Content Online" (using Canon cameras)

Claudia was very generous in sharing her tips on how to garner higher following on her social media sites via her new found video editing and photography skills. Incase if you would like to start building up your social media sites. These are Claudia's tips:

On Creating a Video:
  • Have a storyboard in mind
  • Wide, Medium, Close-up
  • Wait for it
  • Frame your shot
- Use BASIC Background.
NATURAL light is always or perhaps the most important step when comes to improve your photography. Best area to take is near to the windows but do make sure to avoid those lurking shadows.
- FILL in gaps.
- Leave enough SPACE in between the items. Remember to allow plenty of breathing room. Do not be afraid to play around with the props. Move them, place them until you feel that is the best composition.
- Keep the frame (Square or not) full . If you plan to upload the picture onto Instagram, then square format photos will be the best. Else use an app to crop till you get a square.
- Think about HERO piece.
- Play with different-sized PROPS. Props add a special touch to the picture. It can be anything from flowers, magazines or even inspirational quote prints/cardstocks.
- Pick things that LOOK GOOD from top.
ENHANCE saturation , lighting and/or warmth.
- Think of COLOUR palette. Focus on the colour which you would like to bring out. Gather whatever knick knacks that you have which are in the similar shade or tones. It can be a coloured cardstock, beads, markers, coloured straws ......(the list goes on)
BUILD your prop box.
TRIPOD is essential if you do not want to end up having blurry, eye-hurting shots. Otherwise, holding your breath may help to stabilize your shakey hands during photo-taking.

And if you would like to go a step further into Video/ Photo Editing, Claudia had also shared the following apps with us:

Video Editing Apps

iOs phone - Splice, Quik
iOs and Android - Adobe Premiere Clip

Photo Editing Apps
VSCO - Use this app for its filters.
Canva - Use it to create creative post for use on social media. It works on desktop too !
Phonto - Use this app for square cropping and adding of text/ elements.
Over - Use this app for creative text or quotes.

Video Editing Apps
  • (iOs) –
  • (iOs and Android) –
Photo Editing Apps
  • VSCO (use it for its filters)
  • Canva (to create creative post for use on social media)
  • Phonto (for square-cropping and adding of text / elements)
  • Over (for creative text and quotes)

Here are some photography workshops which I have attended should this post has sparked some photography interest in you!

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