Sunday, October 1, 2017

DIY Incy Wincy Spider Costume

When Xav was in preschool, I used to be challended annually to come up with ideas for making lantern using recycled materials. This was the first time I was challenged to diy a costume ! So can I instantly call myself a costume designer ?

In Oct 2015, I went for a tutu making class and was glad that I can put what I learnt into use.

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The easiest I can think of was making a spider costume since it has got to do with nursery rhymes characters and it shall be all black. Need ideas ? Go to Pinterest ! Loads of refernces there !

I bought some tulle from spotlight, three pairs of black socks from Daiso. Top and pants were Vera's very own. I decided to make half a tutu skirt just for the front to soften the look. Totally satisfied with the end result and missy loved it so much that she insisted to wear it to school and yes she boarded the bus with the costume on.

Pretty easy to get everything sew into place with some simple backstitches. Thankfully it's all black, it camouflaged my ugly stitches. What I did was to fill the socks with the mini styrofoam balls from my bean bag. Since we are planning to do away with it, so might as well utilize the foam balls. I stuffed it into the socks 3/4 full and sew up just right at where the foam balls were to prevent them from spilling out.

I used a white, thin ribbon, sew through the socks at the part where our heels will be covered, I tied a knot on the top and bottom to prevent the socks from shifting, if you can what I mean. The sewing of this part will allow all the "legs" to move if Vera raises her hands.

From the rear

Here's my cutesy, little spider !

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