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Explore Khao Yai [ 考艾 ] - Day 3 PB Valley >> Farm Chok Chai >> Farm Mor Por

This is the final installment for our 4D3N Khao Yai Trip, during December 2016 and one backlog off the list after 7 months, it's like finally !! I received quite a lot of pms and emails asking about our Khao Yai trip and here you are, finally some pictures and information you can read about instead of just the name of the place. I felt so bad !

As for those of you who have engaged khemika's service, I hope your trip with her was a nice experience. =)

Third day was basically visiting:
- PB Valley
- Farm Chok Chai
- Farm Mor Por

I am not into wine but I planned in this just to show Xav the fermentation process of making wine for his general knowledge. As for wine lovers, be sure to pay a visit to PB Valley, the first winery in Khao Yai.

Located in a mountainous district, I love the unlimited supply of fresh air at the fields!

Loving the fresh air and greenary.

Guided tours were made available for guests, do make an advanced booking if you are keen to tour. But we bought tickets on the spot and booked the tour from there.

Pretty good idea to recycle the bottles and make them into a Christmas Tree.

Toured and got to learn about what kind of equipment were used for fermentation.

Steel tanks to hold the fermented wine

The cellar


Photo Credit: Pla

At the end of the tour, we exchanged for a glass of wine or juice with our ticket stubs. Even Vera got to enjoy a glass. Imagine her joy when she was finally allowed to take a glass by herself.

Address: 102/2 Moo5, Mitraparp Road Payayen Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30320, Thailand

Operating Hours: 
Sun -Thurs: 9am -8pm,  
Fri & Sat: 9am - 10pm

Tour charges: From 200 Baht / USD $5.70

Next in line was a visit to Farm Chok Chai. There is a Chok Chai Zoo as well right beside the farm but we decided to gave it a miss as we were planning for a farm visit later part of the day where we got to see animals again.

We were a little late in joining the talk on how they breed and take care of their SuperCow. If I did not remember wrongly, 3 visitors among the group could volunteer to learn how to milk. Sorry kids, you will be disappointed as this is only for adults for safety reasons.

And so, I had my virgin attempt in milking !

We were brought to another area, where we could have a full glance of how the Farm Chok Chai packed their dairy products and got to savour a cup of ice-cream each.

There was also a wagon- tractor which we hoped on for a tour around the vicinity of the farm for some picture taking.

Further into the farm, there was a Cowboy Town where we get to watch Cowboy Show and Trick Roping action !! Heee Ha !!

Sorry no photos or videos as I just want to enjoy the show with the family. Someone was so delighted to have a go at the ATV all by himself ! Initially, we did have doubts if he was able to find his way out among the tall grasses. Turned out that this young man here was enjoying himself to the max, the thrill of finally able to ride on his own and went on three rounds around the field !

Address: 169 Moo 2 Friendship Highway, Nongnamdang, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Thailand

Contact: 044 328 485 / 04432 484 (Fax)
Email :

Opening hours:
Farm Tour Schedule: - Tuesday to Friday : 10 am and 2 pm (fixed timing) Between 9am - 11.40am and 1pm - 3.40 pm, tours can be arranged on a every 20mins basis.

There will be no tours available on Monday except if it is a public holiday. - Saturday, Sunday and public holidays : 9 am - 11:40 am and 1 pm - 3:40 pm, every 20 minutes.
    Admission Ticket: 300 THB  (per adult ) | 150 THB (Per Child) * Note that riding activities like ATV and Pony riding are not included) 

    Farm Mor Por was the last on our to-go list! I was a tad disappointed on the 2nd day as I had badly wanted to bring the kids there but we could not locate it. What a surprise on the third day! I would strongly recommend this place if you would want the kids to have an awesome experience with the farm animals.

    You can purchase a basket of carrots to feed the horses, rabbits and ponies. They were really friendly and welcoming. While I was trying to take a picture with Vera, these horsies just have to join in the fun. I was "tickled" by the horses licking me on my arm !

    Photo credit  Pla

    Our fearless missy, was happily feeding carrots to the horses. I believed this experience was unforgettable for her. Few days ago, she recollected the memories of her feeding the horse. I bet she had a ball with them ! One basket was not enough for both.

    The chicken coop ! If you would not mind that there were chicken droppings everywhere, do not mind a brood of chicken surrounding you. Go ahead with this. Before entering, pay a minimal fee at the counter and they will hand you a basket. The kids had fun being farmers for a short moment in collecting eggs and putting them into the basket. Thereafter, yYou can bring back 4 eggs, nicely wrapped in n egg carton. On  the other hand, if your child does have sensitive airways, I would advise this is a no go for them. 

    Missy was collecting and putting back the eggs, not wanting any.

    Xav was happy to collect a full basket.

    Last activity before we left, we went for horse riding around the vicinity of the farm. The staff was with us all the way. Older kids like Xav will be assigned to a pony while a accompanying parent like myself with Vera was assigned to an adult horse.

    I was happy that we managed to visit this place, the experience for the kids, you bet that they will not forget. Even till date, Vera could relate some activities she had went through for this trip after 7 months.

    No regrets to plan for this trip, I hope to be back again to visit the National Park when Vera is older.

    In summary of Khao Yai 4D3N:

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    Disclaimer: This holiday is a NON SPONSORED post. All expenses are paid through our very own pocket. Just purely documenting down these lovely memories and to be shared to all who are looking into kids friendly places in Thailand!


    Isabel said...

    Hiiya! I'm visiting Khao Yai in August and I'm really keen to try the horseback riding too hahaha! Can I know how much was riding with the adult horse?

    prawny said...

    Hi Isabel, lol I totally forgot how much it was! So sorry about that! Perhaps their website may indicate. =)

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