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[Discount Code] Hands-On Science with StagMatch

Science - A new subject to handle in P3. I was thankful for the parent workshop conducted by his school to bring parents through on what is the requirement of the students when it comes to answering the open ended questions. How do I handle this new subject together with Xav ?

Personally, I feel that it would be easier if the child could understand the concept well, have no fear in attempting to write long answers BUT note that it did not mean that if the answer is lengthy means the child will be awarded the marks. No marks will be given if the KEY word to the answer is not there.

I am not an educator myself, just a Stay-at-home-mum.  I hope these tips are handy for you, based on what I have been doing with Xav to help him cope with this new subject. Do share with me your tips too !

-  Weekly Assessments : Do try to keep up with what the school is teaching, so that revision can be parallel to it. This year, Science reference books and assessment books take up most of the space in the shelves. I wish I could do it on a daily basis for revision but due to his intensive training, which is almost on a daily basis, I could only do what I can when we are free from the school's homework. If you are asking which assessments are good, I prefer to go for assessment that have explanation on the answer sheet for all questions.

What do you normally do when your child gets a wrong answer? Xav's teacher told me to let him do the marking himself and if there should be any questions that are wrongly answered, get him to think, flip through the reference books or textbooks, find the correction answer and explain to me instead of me doing the job. I do think it makes sense if one could understand where he/she has gone wrong and not to make the same mistake again.

Science Reference Books : I feel that the textbooks on their own is insufficient. Seriously, how much information can the textbook which looks like a booklet to me provides? Hence, I bought these to support his learning:

1. Marshall Cavendish Education "My Pals Are Here" Science Booster (ISBN 978-981-01-1402-2) I love the illustration and links provided to websites specially selected by Science educators within the book that the child could access to ! It will not let the child feel like as if he is reading yet another boring textbook.

2. Educational Publishing House (EPH) "Science Bites" (ISBN 978-981-4662-49-9)
If your child loves comics, go for this. Every topic is presented in a subtle comical approach with dialogues and cute characters, which attracted me to buy knowing that Xav loves comics. It contains Science notes, detailed diagrams, study tips, concept maps, additional information on Science facts, fun activities. As long as Xav is willing to read, I am more than willing to buy this copy.

3. Marshall Cavendish Education "Let's learn Science" - A handy guide for Every Parent (ISBN 978-981-01-9611-0) This book is for myself to read so that I can guide him better. This has been sitting on my shelf for more than a year and finally, I got to put it into use.

Past years exam papers : I find that exposing to more questions did help him to familiarize and have an idea of what are the type of questions are popular and are always tested. When continual assessment  or semestral assessments are near, he will be on these on a daily basis.

Science Magazines During his free time, apart from the usual storybooks, he loves to bury himself in science magazines. Science Adventures and Young Scientists are his favourite.

Hands On Experiments (Learning is at it's best if all five senses can be involved, the child gets to see the cause and effect, observe and record down the observation. I had purchased Big Bag of Science when he was younger. )

And this is why I chose to sign up with Stag Match when I first learnt that they are collaborating with Science Centre Singapore on their science modulars

Secondly, this is not tuition but enrichment. It fulfilled what I am looking out for. I do not want any tuition for the kids as long as they can cope. I want to stay #TuitionFree !

Thirdly, Stag Match fees are made reasonable and affordable unlike certain premium centres that charges at cut throat price. Do call them up to find out the rates.

Exam results were out. This is the first time, he aced his paper. His Science SA was 100% and given the fact that Science, is a new subject he took on this year, I have to give him a big pat on his back for the job well done ! Stag Match has played a big part too in guiding and prepping him well ! Thank you !!

I made an impromptu request to sit-in and was told that there would not be any hands-on that day as the teacher was planning to give a mock test to prep the kids and going through the paper for their coming exams. I was surprised that Stag Match helps to prep the students when exams are around the corner.

Nothing beats attending a class where concepts were taught, experiments done, observations recorded down and he was also given some questions to attempt to make sure he understands and answer to the way how it should be answered.

The lesson was never boring! I would say do check them out if you are looking around for such hands on classes for the kids.

The management of Stag Match was nice to offer a promo code SMET-Serene just for Xavvy-licious' readers and friends. With the code, you will get the starter kit at the same price as I paid for at $98 (primary) instead of $168. Fees for secondary level is $98. There are limited seats and do check when the new intake is. You can also go to their website,

You can also get updates on StagMatch on their social media sites : Facebook | Instagram

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Amanda said...

Hello, Serene. Those are amazing tips! Attending the workshop is most recommended for mommies and I think it's a great way to understanding kids on their learning process and how you can better help them. I'm a part-time tutor to my friends' kids who are studying at BIST. During some activities like artworks or experiments, I encourage the mums and even dads to join us for them to have a part in the kids' learning experience. Besides, "the more, the merrier".

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